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Dinner meme and discussion!

Is anyone else bored?
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Ok so about me

I’ve been scrolling through posts and you’re all doing this so here we go

Fav book:TMR
Fav color:black
Fandoms:Harry Potter-Hunger Games-One Direction-Maze Runner(obviously)-Five Feet Apart(if they have a fandom)-Percy Jackson
Name:Kenzie (or Sonya)
Fav song:anything by One Direction
Fav YouTuber:James Charles
Tik Tok username:kennnnxie523 (follow me)
Parent who is a god or goddess:Artemis
Birthday:May 23rd
Age:11(12 in May)
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This is for those who are on the Original Glader group chat.

Okay what is wrong with you!! Do you have any idea how much you hurt Riley?(Newt2829). She's really hurt and upset because of you guys. You guys need to understand that people are different then you. And that they don't always like the same things. She's a sweet kid and has been through so much! And you just added to her pain. She just wanted to be your guy's friend!! Why wouldn't you give her a chance? Stop hurting my baby

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Daily Maze Runner Meme

I'm new Here and I decided to make some daily memes and this is the first one.
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I feel like it's pretty empty here.. I don't know how to explain it. Has anybody left? I wasn't active for like almost a month, so I don't know if I missed some things.
Also hii to the greenies I haven't met or properly introduced myself to
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Lunch meme and discussion!!

I watched the maze runner again it was good! 😂😂
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Isn't he cute?
Google: rezultat iskanja slik za
Google: rezultat iskanja slik za
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Google: rezultat iskanja slik za…
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Томас броди Сангстер
День рождения 16мая
1990года точно не помню сорри
Девушка вроди расстались белла
Бас гитарист
Первое актёрской мастерство
Он сыграл 2001 году
У не есть мама, отец ,сестра
Мама актриса
Папа играет
Сестра поёт вместе с массой
Группа "Werrt" точно не помню
Также он снимался в фильмах
"Игра престолов "
Забытый богом и так далие
И модель ❤❤❤
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