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This is so cute

I'm sorry I haven't been here. I've been missing you guys. I have found a way to open the app without it crashing, so I'll definently be here more often 👍
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How many of you have your TMR books full of sticky notes with your opinions on them. Throughout all of TFC every other page just says TRAITOR! Or IDOIT! Or NEWT ❤️!

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Do u guys find death scary?
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• 9h

Anyone else notice...

"Why didn't you run? "-miniho
" I'm tired of running"-Thomas
---5 weeks before ----
"I want to be a runner."
"IMA be a runner."

*,0becomes runner then decides he doesnt like to run*

Wtf Thomas..
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My life rn

I’m sat here with my sisters, one is playing Fortnite and cursing, and one is watching vines really loud. They are literally stereotypical brothers.

emphasising the word ‘stereotypical’ so u don’t think I’m sexist
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• 13h


How James Dashner described the world and how it came into a post-apocalyptic stage isn't unrealistic. Do you guys think it will happen? Because I think it will, with the sun flares and a terrible virus that kills almost an entire population

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Fanfic Part 18!

You sprint to Newt, who's already started jogging toward the forest. You slow down a bit when you catch up to him.

"What's happening?" you ask.

"We heard a scream coming from the forest. Alby grabbed his bow and ran in." Newt and you jog into the forest, the cool shade covers you. A few feet in, the forest becomes a dark mist around you. The warmth of the sun disappears and the coolness of the shade sets in.

"Alby!" Newt calls out. "Thomas!" Newts voice echoes into the darkness. No response. Newt and you jog around the forest calling out their names until a reply comes back.

"Over here!" a voice yells out. Alby's voice. Two silhouettes stand in the far, inky darkness. One holding a weapon, the other kneeling. As you and Newt draw closer you see a shadowy heap lay on the ground. Every few feet closer to the heap, reveals a new detail. Eventually, you get the whole picture.

A boy's body lay on the ground, an arrow drilled into the side of his head. Thick green veins slide down the sides of his arms. Bruises cover parts of his face, making it hard to tell some of his features.

"Get the Baggers," Alby says, turning to walk away, but before he does you notice a glint of tears in his eyes. You look down at Thomas, who is kneeling next to the lifeless boy, looking at him. Newt rubs the back of his neck as his eyes shine with tears, that are yet to come.

The dark world around you matches the feeling that lie in the forest. Greif.

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• 15h

I’m a greenie

I’m new can someone follow or talk or anything I’m bored
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• 15h

A Theory

What if James Dashner is a time traveler and has travelled back in time to warn the past about what will happen🤯ik it sound bizarre but with the advanced technology then it’s not *completely* impossible....nah actually that’s way to crazy to be tru, I take it all back
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• 16h

Hey ya'll, part three of my Prologue for Beth

Then one night, when the doors wouldn't close, a certain idea formed in her head. She had no idea where it came from, but she must start planning. As she began planning in her safe spot, just a hammock with a few boxes around it filled with her stuff located in the middle of the wood. Shouts and screams blew on the breeze sounding like wind through the trees. She almost didn't react. She wasn't quite sure what got her moving, but she was thankful for it. Beth hid in the trees. The Grievers didn't search for her. She guessed the slimy creatures were too busy terrorizing the other kids. Her knees pressed to her chest in a confining ball as she crouched on a branch. Praying she would not be found.

Sudden shivers sliced along her spine, forcing her to sit up right. Then she felt it. Like a spider was crawling across her brain. It didn't hurt nor did it feel right. It was almost like an itch. Before she could ponder what it could be, her body jerked. Causing her to fall out of the tree. Her back banged against the dewy grass. The ground didn't make as soft of a landing as she had hoped. She barely had time to register the pain, when she went into what any doctor would call a seizure. (My uncle actually has around 500 hundred seizures a day. Most of them are barely noticeable. But he does have extremely serious drop seizures). Her body shook uncontrollably. Then like a summer wind, it stopped as suddenly as it had started. She couldn't move. It was like the seizure had paralyzed her. Cold chills gripped her spine. Then she was moving. It was like she was on auto pilot. Someone else was controlling her.

She then preceded to do the unthinkable. The bullet buzzing through the air, claiming its target in Rachel's chest. Thick clouds of smoke loomed in the air. Beth didn't have time to think before Aris was on her. Pounding his fists against her stomach and face. And they left her. They left her to die. Like roadkill. She was nothing but an animal to them.

If you didn't like the story comment Wicked is good. If you did think the story was okay, comment Wicked is bad. If you want me to post more, comment Always No Matter What.

Thanks for reading!! Love ya!!😋

You're Glader baby Lily

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• 21h

Newt's POV on TDC - Day 7

My head! I can't even see properly. Small lights flashing in my eyes. But on the other hand the sight is not worth it anyway. Klunk all around!


I can't remember how it's like in a big city. Or how it's supposed to be. Haven't seen Denver before it fell, but now it's not a lot better than the shuck Crank Palace.

What am I bloody doing here?

Roaming the streets with some Crank fellas, mostly looking for something to eat. Trash. Maybe I can make my head explode...

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Le mama newt

Wait what the shuck is this
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Hey heads up.

Hey just wanted to say,

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Save. Me

Ughhhhh I lost my other account I'm Novasangster Ughhh save me!!!
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