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• 12/30/2016


I gust I watched both Buster The new.
And I think it is way better in the first one.
I am a girl so obviously I like the second one better because the Ghostbusters our girls not always but the first one is really good too. So don't get mad at me because I like the Second one better than the first one because it has girls instead of boys in it. But the first one is good to my sister got the new ghost busters for Christmas and won't let anyone watch anything else. I am not please. Please tell me what you think of the Ghostbusters if you like it or is you. Please respond.😶😶
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• 1/14/2017
We own both of the original ghost buster movie's with the guys in them but I haven't seen the new one with the girls in it
Is it basically the same as the original ones with boys in it but with the girls instead? 😎💩💩😎🍫
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