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Assistant Director Janson (A.D Janson), also referred to as Rat Man (given to him by Minho), was the second highest-ranking official in the organization WICKED under Chancellor Paige. Thomas, who Janson states that "he had never seen someone more dedicated to finding a cure" about, trained Janson after the original Creators were purged. Janson is the main antagonist in both the book series, and also in the movie series.


The Scorch Trials

In The Scorch Trials, Janson appeared in the place the Gladers were staying in at the same time as the large pile of food. He was sitting behind a desk, reading, and the Gladers soon discovered that an invisible forcefield blocked them off from him. He told them to wait for the right time. Eventually, he stopped reading and explained the Scorch Trials to them. He introduces then to WICKED- explaining who they are and what they're all about. He then tells them to "Never, ever believe your eyes. Or your mind, for that matter.". Next, he informs them about everything going on with the Flare which leads to him explaining WICKED's importance within society. Finally, he goes into more detail about the beginning of the Scorch Trials. He then leaves. This is the only time he's encountered in the book.

The Death Cure

In The Death Cure, Janson first arrives to free Thomas from his solitary confinement, revealing that that was his third and final Trial. He speaks the Thomas about how everything he and WICKED have done to Thomas and his friends has been to get a blueprint for the Cure. Thomas is then told about how he is immune to the Flare. Janson then explains the whole idea of the Flare virus taking place in the infected person's brain. He then takes Thomas to get cleaned up. He then leads all of the Gladers and Group B to hear who isn't immune to the Flare. He then leads everyone to get the Swipe removed, which would restore their memories and remove them from WICKED's control. Thomas, Newt, and Minho refuse, so he takes them to a room for the night before bringing guards the next morning to force them to undergo the procedure that removes the Swipe. The three escape with the help of Brenda and shoot Janson with a Launcher.

In Denver, Janson appears on a monitor of a police drone. He is requesting that Thomas returns to WICKED to complete the final procedure required to create the cure for the Flare. Janson reveals that Thomas is the Final Candidate. He even uses the fact that Newt isn't immune in a way to persuade Thomas into coming; he says "You could very well save him.".

When Thomas returns to WICKED, Janson greets him and says "Welcome back, Thomas. [...] I'm glad you made the right choice.". He takes Thomas to his office where he then informs Thomas that to complete the cure of the Flare, they must dissect his brain. Janson states that "this is not a test. This is not a variable and i'm not lying to you.". The opration would be painless, but it would result in Thomas' death. The only thing that saves Thomas is WICKED Chancellor Ava Paige. Janson attempts to kill Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge, and all the other Immunes as they are leaving through the Flat Trans for paradise. Janson is "very disappointed" since it "looks like not everyone in my organisation is on the same team after all.". Janson realizes that he is showing symptoms of the Flare, which isn't surprising given that he's spent years studying subjects infected with it.

In the end, Thomas strangles Janson to death. However, Janson managed to delay Thomas enough to cause Teresa's death; she was crushed by a falling rock when she tackled Thomas out of the way of the rock.


The Scorch Trials

In the Scorch Trials film, Janson appears as the leader of the WCKD facility Thomas and the Gladers are brought into. After the supposed rescue from the Maze, he greets them and tells them that they are safe from WCKD, the Flare, and the Cranks, and that they will soon be brought to a Safe Haven. While the other Gladers are glad, Thomas instinctively does not trust Janson. Thomas' distrust is strengthened when Janson asks him about his experience with WCKD.

With the help of Aris, one of the many survivors at the facility, Thomas travels through the air vents and is able to overhear a conversation between Janson and WCKD leader Ava Paige, who is alive despite Thomas and the Gladers thinking she is dead. While eavesdropping, Thomas realizes that Janson is working for WCKD and that his friends are to be used for experimentation.

Thomas heads back to the Gladers' rooms and he and his friends plan to escape to find the Right Arm, a group of rebels who resist WCKD. During their breakout, Thomas obtains a Launcher (after Minho attacks a guard and steals it) which he uses when Janson and his men corner the escapees moments later. He shoots at Janson multiple times but misses- the guards defending Janson with their shields. The Gladers, including Aris, are able to escape the WCKD facility, with Janson and his men on their heels.

When Thomas and his friends are found by Jorge and his gang, one of Jorge's men, Barkley, plans to sell them back to WCKD and makes contact with Janson. Janson arrives at the hideout with a berg and has a WCKD task force storm the place. Janson calls. Over the intercom- alerting those inside the facility that they're after Thomas and his friends. Tied up, they try to escape and, with Teresa pulling the lever, they're all freed. Barkley approaches them and threatens to take them to Janson. However, Brenda shoots him- allowing Thomas and his friends to escape. Janson calls to Barkley saying "Barkley? Barkley, you there?". We later see Janson staring out the side of the helicopter as he watches Minho and the others escape the building via the zipline. He shouts to his men, "Whole units! Push in! They're on the top floor! Top floor!". The last time we see Janson is when Jorge blows up the entire place, killing many of Janson's men. This is when Thomas and his friends finally escape the area.

Janson later returns with a greater force when Teresa calls WCKD and tells them about the Right Arm's location. WCKD is able to overpower the Right Arm which leads to the capture of the rebels and every survivor except Thomas. Later, Ava Paige arrives in a Berg and greets Janson, telling him to begin to load the chosen ones into the carrier. When checking if every Glader has been caught, Janson realizes that Thomas is missing. Thomas, who has secretly taken a small bomb and detonator, gives himself up to Janson. At first, Janson says "Thomas" in a friendly, greeting-like way. Then, he brutally punches Thomas in the stomach for creating so much trouble. He then commands his soldiers to get Thomas in line. However, Janson is shocked when Thomas pulls out the bomb and declares that he will blow up himself and the other survivors to prevent them from falling into WCKD's hands. However, due to a distraction created by Jorge and his protegee Brenda, The Right Arm is able to free themselves in the erupting chaos and fight back, attacking and killing many WCKD soldiers. When the fighting begins, Paige is brought into her berg to safety along with Teresa, who chose WCKD over Thomas, and the soldiers is able to capture every Glader in their retreat. When Minho is captured by WCKD, Thomas returns to save his friend but is stopped by Janson, who punches him to the ground. Janson draws his gun, proclaiming that it is a waste to spill Thomas' precious blood. He intends to shoot Thomas, who is saved by Brenda, who shoots Janson in the shoulder and provides Thomas with cover while he runs away. Wounded, Janson returns to the berg and is carried away with Paige, Teresa, and the remaining WCKD soldiers.

The Death Cure

In the Death Cure film, Janson arrives on the scene after Thomas successfully took a train car of Immunes. He looks down at Minho, saying "They didn't get what they really wanted.". Janson then tells the soldiers to find them.

Later, we see Janson when Thomas and his friends are spotted outside the walls of the Last City. Janson commands them to "Get the guns online." He watches the guns fire on the open crowd before telling them to "send in a patrol" and that the patrol shouldn't come back until Thomas is found.

When Teresa is with the infected girl, we see Janson walking down to meet with Ava Paige. We stops beside her as they watch Teresa interacting with the girl. Janson says "Ah, that is incredible". Ava then points out that he isn't showing alot of remorse for someone who just took fire on an open crowd. Janson defends himself, saying "You told me to do my job. I had a shot and took it."

When Thomas and Ava Paige are talking about how Thomas' blood is the cure, a gunshot is heard ringing out and Ava is seen with blood soaking her chest when she falls, Janson is seen with smoke clearing around him, a pistol aimed right at where Ava was standing. He injects Thomas with a small needle which knocks him out. Thomas wakes up in a room strapped to a chair, with Teresa removing his blood for the serum and Janson standing at the window- watching a nearby, burning building collapse. Thomas asks why Janson doesn't just kill him. Janson takes the cure from Teresa. He explains that, with Thomas' blood, WICKED finally gets to choose who survives the Flare and who doesn't. Janson pulls up his sleeve- revealing that he has caught the Flare- and goes to cure himself with Thomas' blood. Teresa, however, smashes a glass flask over his head and knocks him unconscious on the ground. She undoes one of Thomas' straps, but Janson regains consciousness and attacks her. He is desperate and fights for the Cure- eventually getting it after smashing her head onto one of the tables. Thomas quickly gets the other strap undone, and tackles Janson through a glass pane. The two of them fight viciously in the corridor until Janson stands up and points his gun at Thomas. Suddenly, two rockets hit the building and Janson falls over amongst the explosion and fire. Thomas uses the opportunity to stand up. He and Teresa grab the serum and run. Janson shoots at them as they sprint down the hallway. Thomas and Teresa hide in a testing room, where it is revealed that Thomas has been shot in the stomach. Janson enters and continues to hunt them down. He speaks indirectly to them; speaking about how he needs them. He steps out in front of Teresa and is ready to kill her. She stands up and offers Janson the cure. He says "Not that. Where is he?" indicating to trying to find Thomas. He then calls out to Thomas- trying to guilt trip him. He then uses Teresa as a persuasion and he threatens "You might not have been able to shoot her, but i can. Ok. Fine. Have it your way.".

Just then, Thomas throws a very heavy object at a large piece of glass separating two Cranks (who are at the Gone) from Janson, Thomas, and Teresa. Because of how close Janson was standing, the two Cranks only attack him. He tries to fight them off as Thomas and Teresa escape the room. Janson was presumably killed by the Cranks, but if not then is certainly killed by the explosion and collapse of the building minutes later.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Janson is described as a thin man, having grey hair, a mole on his cheek, and a rat-like face. He is highly intelligent, but also an enigmatic figure whose loyalty is never truly certain. He has a laid-back demeanour most of the time, but, due to having the Flare, he can become extremely violent and brutal when pushed. He is intensely sadistic when violent, shown by his brutal means of fighting Thomas in their final clash in The Death Cure. In the Death Cure film when Teresa figures out Thomas' blood is the cure for the Flare, Janson then becomes very violent in order to try and steal the Cure. He eventually rolls up his sleeve to reveal black veins on his arm.


  • Interestingly, although it has been said that Thomas trained Janson before he entered the Maze, Janson does not appear in The Fever Code. It is possible that Thomas still trained Janson, but it just was omitted from the book.


  • "Please show your patience and leave me alone." Page 53 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "I represent a group called WICKED. [...] I know it sounds menacing, but it stands for World In Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department. Nothing menacing about it, despite what you may think." Page 56 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "All of it has been part of the Trials. Phase One, to be exact. And we are still dangerously short of what we need. So we've had to up the ante, and now it's time for Phase Two. It's time for things to get difficult." Page 57 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "Better off taking your chances in the outside world. Good luck to all of you." Page 61 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "Thomas, thank you for seeing me. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I was just hoping we might get a moment to chat in private, away from the others. Well, I won't take up too much of your time. I really only have one question. What do you remember about WCKD? You're not in trouble. We're just having a conversation. I'm just trying to understand." Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "Listen to me! I'm trying to save your life. The Maze is one thing, but you kids wouldn't last one day out in the Scorch. If the elements don't kill you, the Cranks will. Thomas, you have to believe me. I only want what's best for you." Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "What is that?" Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  • "Do you know what this place is, Thomas? It's a lifeboat. And the whole world might be sinking, but it doesn't mean that we have to go down with it." Maze Runner: The Death Cure