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"Ben of the Builders, you've been sentenced to Banishment for the attempted murder of Thomas the Newbie. The Keepers have spoken, and their word ain't changin'. And you ain't coming back. Ever."
Alby, The Maze Runner

A Banishment is an official punishment given to a Glader who had committed a serious crime, and involves said Glader being forced into the Maze as the Doors shut for the night. This punishment has to be decided on by the Keepers. Banishments are held in public where everyone can see them, to keep the Gladers from violating the rules by means of fear. Every time there had been a banishment, the corpse of the banished Glader was found just outside the Doors the day afterwards.

The Banishment of Ben


Ben goes completely insane after going through the Changing. Later, Newt says no one has ever gone as mad as Ben before. When Thomas is in the Deadheads, Ben suddenly appears from the woods, acting like a complete maniac, accusing Thomas and saying that he should be killed. Ben then attacks him with a knife, which is seen by Alby, who then stops him from hurting Thomas. The day after that, the Keepers drag Ben out by force. The Keepers, using a large pole with a collar, shove Ben outside the Glade, into the Maze. Ben's last screams are blocked out when the walls close. He was most likely killed by Grievers during the night.


  • Newt said there had been three Banishments, excluding Ben, which are all as nasty as the one Thomas had seen.
  • The Banishments use a long aluminum pole comprised of multiple smaller poles that fit together. The end pole has a leather collar for holding the person in place and can be detached to pull the rest of the pole back into the Glade.
  • During the Gathering to discuss what to do with Thomas since he entered the Maze, Newt shuts Gally up by saying that he will be arranging another Banishment just for him. Later on, Gally tells Newt that he should arrange a Banishment for him because of his embarrassing inability to lead the group.