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Barkley is a minor character in The Scorch Trials. He is a Crank armed with a nasty dagger in one hand and a big hammer in the other.


Barkley appeared once in The Scorch Trials along with Jorge and Brenda after the lightning storm in Crankland/the Scorch. Despite the fact he seems to obey to Jorge, he doesn't approve his decision to help the Gladers, and he doesn't have trust at all to cross the town. He decides to take the leader's place and rigs an explosion at the Underneath entrance.


In the Scorch Trials film, Barkley informed WCKD about the Gladers being at Jorge's camp. He then tries to kill Thomas, but is shot in the back and killed by Brenda.


In spite of his rather advanced age for a Crank, Barkley is tough and veined muscles stretch the sleeves of his shirt. Brenda and Jorge describes him as upset, bossy, more or less paranoid but also at a more advanced stage of the Flare, causing him to lose his mind.