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Billy is the Keeper of the Baggers. It is possible he may have been named after Billy the Kid.


The Maze Runner

In The Maze Runner, Billy was ordered alongside Jackson to take Teresa to the Slammer.

He was mentioned afterwards and, along with 19 other Gladers, has been confirmed to have survived the Trials. It is confirmed Billy had survived the Scorch Trials and made it to the Safe Haven.


The Maze Runner

Billy was one of the Gladers in the Glade and he was also the Keeper of the Baggers. Billy was seen several times throughout the film and wasn't much of a talker. When Minho arrives with Alby outside of the Maze, Billy and all the other Gladers start shouting to them to hurry up. Right as Thomas runs into the Maze after Minho and Alby, Billy and several other Gladers try to grab him and stop him from running inside, but can't grab or convince him to stay. The next day, when Thomas and Minho arrive with Alby, Billy and several other Gladers run to the doors to greet them and congratulate them. Later on, Billy is seen at the meeting just before Teresa arrives. At night, during the Griever attack, Billy is seen running to the doors with a group of Gladers to see why they aren't closing. Once they get there, the other doors around the Glade start to open as well and he looks in shock and terror. Once the Grievers start to show up, Billy runs off to the tall grass carrying a torch with Thomas, Teresa, Zart, Jack, and Mike. While hiding in the tall grass, they hear a Glader getting killed near them and soon after watch Zart get killed by a Griever. They run off to go find Alby, who is being escorted to safety by Jeff and Clint. Once they meet up with the Gladers that were hiding in the forest, they get attacked by a Griever. Billy and the rest of the group run off to safety. The next morning, Billy is among the surviving Gladers who join Thomas and the others in escaping the Maze. He ends up making it to the end and escapes on the helicopter with the rest of the group. He then disappears in the transition to the Scorch Trials film.


  • When a group of gladers are running away from grievers coming from a door and telling the others to run, Billy is seen among them. However in the very next scene, he is seen with the main group by the front doors.
  • When the gladers are running up to the doors to investigate them, Billy is seen jogging up without a torch. However, the next scene, he is seen running up to the doors with a torch.