Blondie was a minor character in The Scorch Trials.


He is one of the Cranks, along with Ponytail and Tall and Ugly, who forced Thomas and Brenda to join the party with them during their time in the Scorch. He also forced the two to drink an unknown drink with drugs. In the book, they refer to the drink as fire juice, causing them to pass out. The next day he and the other Cranks tied up Thomas and Brenda and interrogated them about the Flare. In the middle of the interrogation, Minho, the Gladers, and Jorge broke into the compound, distracting Blondie and the other Cranks. Blondie shot Thomas, who escaped with the Gladers, and Minho then proceeded to beat him up.

Although his fate is unknown, it is safe to assume that he died because of the injuries he received from Minho.


He was described as being short, handsome, and having blonde hair by Thomas.

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