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Carl is a Builder and Cook whose name can be seen engraved on the wall of the Glade in the Maze Runner film. His name was not crossed out at the time and therefore he was alive when Thomas arrived. His name remained untouched on the wall after the Griever attack, implying he survived and stayed with Gally and 14 other Gladers in the Glade when the others made their escape. Like the other Gladers, Carl was picked up by WCKD as seen in the Death Cure film.

The Maze Runner

Carl is first seen looking at Thomas when he wakes up in the Box. He opens the gates to the Box along with Jack, allowing Gally to hop inside and pull Thomas out. He is later seen working as a Builder in the Glade. He is later seen partying with the other Gladers and watches Gally fight Thomas. He later helps banish Ben to the Maze for being stung by a Griever and attempting to kill Thomas. In a deleted scene, he is seen cooking and serving Gladers along with Frypan and John. When Minho is carrying Alby, Carl, along with the other Gladers, yell at him to hurry up. When Thomas runs into the Maze, Carl tries to grab him along with Newt and Gally, but is unsuccessful. When Thomas, Minho, and Alby return from the Maze, Carl, along with John, are seen running up to them to see what's going on and congratulate them. When Teresa arrives and says Thomas' name, Carl, along with the other Gladers, look up at him in confusion. He is later seen running to the doors holding a torch along with Winston, Zart, and two unnamed Gladers. He witnesses the other doors open. He then witnesses the Grievers run into the Glade. He then hides and survives the attack. He is later seen observing the aftermath of the attack. He is one of the many Gladers to stay behind with Gally when Thomas' group leaves, although he looked like he wanted to go with Thomas and escape. Carl, along with John, are last seen checking on an unconscious Alec on one of the monitors Newt is looking at. He does not appear in the books.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Although his actor did not appear in this film, it is presumed Carl survived and made it to the Safe Haven. He may have survived since his name is not engraved on the memorial rock.


  • Throughout Gally's speech, Carl moves locations over and over.
  • Carl and Gally are the only Gladers who don't walk away when Thomas' group leaves.
    • This could mean that they were the only ones who regretted staying.
  • Carl's secondary job as a Cook was revealed in a deleted scene.
  • When the Gladers are running up to the doors to investigate them, Carl is seen with Winston, Zart, and Unnamed Glader 19. The next scene, however, he is somehow already at the doors with Unnamed Glader 2.