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"She seems fine. Breathing okay, normal heartbeat."
— Clint

Clint was a minor character in The Maze Runner, who survived through the Trials, and was a Munie. He was one of the two Med-jacks in the Glade, the other being Jeff. The pair were almost always seen together. In the Book, he survived through the Trials and made it through the climax of The Death Cure and made it the Safe Haven.


The Maze Runner[]

In The Maze Runner, Clint first appeared early in the book. However, his presence became more known with the arrival of Teresa. He was not expanded upon much, yet it was known that he is one of the two Med-jacks, with Jeff being the only other one. Clint was one of the many Gladers who went with Thomas to combat the Grievers and survived, along with 19 other Gladers.

The Scorch Trials[]

In The Scorch Trials, Clint was one of the boys who participated in the Phase Two Trial, the Scorch, and survived.

The Death Cure[]

In The Death Cure, Clint was only mentioned near the book's conclusion, as being one of the Immunes rescued from the Maze by Thomas. He escaped and made it to the safe haven with the others.

In The Maze Cutter, Clint died of unknown causes during the 73 year gap between The Death Cure and The Maze Cutter.


The Maze Runner[]

In the The Maze Runner, Clint was present when Thomas arrives in the Glade, When Thomas started to run, but tripped and fell, Clint, along with the other Gladers, laugh at this.

When Gally stopped Thomas from walking into the Maze, Clint joins Gally and the other Gladers in stopping Thomas from walking into the Maze.

At night, at the bonfire, Clint, along with Jeff, were introduced to Thomas by Newt, who said that they were the Med-jacks who spend most of their time bandaging up the Slicers. Clint watched Thomas and Gally wrestle before the latter sent the former to the ground, causing him to remember his name.

The next day, Ben, having been stung by a Griever, attacked Thomas. Clint, along with the other Gladers, managed to restrain Ben, see the Griever sting on his stomach, and take him to the Pit.

Later, Clint joins the other Gladers in Banishing Ben from the Glade.

The next day, Clint, along with the other Gladers, watched Thomas run into the Maze to help Minho and Alby, who had gone into the Maze to retrace Ben's steps, when Alby got stung by a Griever.

The next day, Clint was present when Thomas, Minho, and Alby returned to the Glade.

In the Homestead, Clint pointed out that Thomas has killed a Griever during the Gathering when Gally suggested that Thomas should be punished for going into the Maze to help Minho and Alby.

Clint was also present when Teresa arrived in the Glade.

Later, Clint, along with Jeff, came to fetch Thomas, telling him that Teresa had woken up.

At night, at the medical hut, Alby started attacking Thomas, but Clint, along with Newt and Jeff, were able to restrain him, allowing Teresa to inject him in the chest with the serum she had with her when she arrived in the Glade.

Clint was later seen helping Alby when the Grievers Attack at night. He trails off behind them and disappears and was killed off-screen by a Griever.

The Death Cure[]

In the The Death Cure, Clint's name was engraved on the Memorial Rock along with all the names of the people killed during the war against WCKD.

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

Clint was described in the Book as being rather short, with grey hair already conquering his usual black. In the Film, he was shown with brown curly hair, average height, and a little chubby.