"Thomas: How many kids do they have to round up, torture, kill, huh? When the hell does it stop? Teresa: It stops when we find a cure. Thomas: There IS no goddamn cure!"
Thomas and Teresa discussing the possibilities of a cure

"It's not just slowing the virus down. It's destroying it."
— Teresa finds a cure

The Cure was the ultimate outcome of WICKED's goals for the Flare. As the name suggests, it is the only known actual treatment for The Flare. In The Death Cure, they tried to cut out Thomas' brain as they believed that by studying its tissue, (and how its physical makeup allowed it to resist the Flare virus's power) they would be rewarded with the cure. By the end of the books, there is currently no cure for the Flare.


Teresa with the Cure in the Death Cure film


Teresa's discovery: Thomas' blood destroying the Flare

In the Death Cure film, however, Teresa stays up late and using a small fragment of Thomas' blood, she places it under a microscope which she looks into. There, she saw Thomas' blood (indicated by the blue patterns), killing the Flare Virus (shown as a thick dark-red vein) which was shown when the thick dark-red vein snapped into a half. Ava Paige found her and saw the discovery. Later, after Paige died, Janson and Teresa created a cure.

However, the Cure was also found in the Scorch Trials film as well. When the Gladers met up with the Right Arm, Brenda contracted the Flare, so Mary Cooper used Thomas' blood to save her from the inevitable. She is the only one known to have the cure, though it is heavily implied that Thomas could have saved his close friend and Glader, Newt as well. Instead, Thomas was forced to confront the fact that Newt was becoming Crank faster and faster. Then the next time he met Newt in THE DEATH CURE BOOK, he answered his pleas by "putting him out of his misery". He was shot in the head.

However, it is not quite clear if the Cure will rid your body from the Flare permanently.

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