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Darnell is a character in The Kill Order who was friends with Toad and Misty, as well as Alec, Mark, and Trina.


In The Kill Order, Darnell is one of the minor characters who is part of the group Alec calls "The Three Stooges", the others being the Toad and Misty. When the PFC begins to spread the Flare using darts, Darnell is one of the first to be hit when a dart strikes his shoulder. When he starts to show signs of the Flare, the villagers and Lana lock him a separate house. He kills himself two days later, after being visited by Mark, Alec, and Trina, by continuously banging his head into the door. His last words were "my head" in a croaking scream.


Darnell is a teenage boy about Mark's age with brown hair. He likes being goofy and annoying.


"Excellent point. Very poor judgment on my part. Seemed funny at the time."