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"Everything started going wrong the minute you showed up: First Ben, then Alby... and now the girl. Everybody saw she recognized you... and I'm betting you know who she is."
— Gally to Thomas, The Maze Runner

Gally was the Keeper of the Builders. He was Thomas' first enemy in the Glade, and served as the main antagonist and rival of Thomas in The Maze Runner novel as well as its film adaptation. In the book, this was due to him being stung by a Griever and having gone through the Changing before Thomas' arrival. In the film, however, this was due to his personality. His redemption arc begun in The Death Cure novel and its film adaptation. Gally was named after Galileo Galilei.


The Fever Code[]

In The Fever Code, Gally was introduced as a ten-year-old boy who helped out in the gardens. Minho enlisted his help with an escape plan, though none of the others (Thomas, Teresa, Newt, and Alby) agreed to come with them. However, their plan was discovered by WICKED, and Minho was punished severely. He beat up Gally at some point afterward, thinking that Gally's loose tongue probably gave them away. Gally's nose was apparently broken as a result, and it failed to heal correctly. (He had seemed to have broken his nose at least two to three times throughout the books).

After Gally has been in the Glade for some time, he one day ventured just beyond one of the Doors in spite of the rules. A Griever, close by, immediately attacked Gally after he ventured farther and stung him. It was during the subsequent Changing that Gally regained some of his memories.

The Maze Runner[]

In The Maze Runner, according to Winston, Gally was stung by a Griever in the middle of the day near the West door sometime before Thomas' arrival. Thus, he had regained a few of his memories.

Gally was despised by most of the Gladers due to his arrogant nature. However, he was the Keeper of the Builders, which must have meant that he was reasonably responsible. Two years after the beginning of the Maze Trials, Gally witnessed the arrival of a teenage boy named Thomas, whom Gally immediately became enemies with, having remembered just enough to know that Thomas had worked for/with WICKED.

After being interrogated along with Thomas by Newt, Minho got into an argument with Gally that ended with Gally running off into the Maze and going missing. After being missing for many days, Gally, scared and dirty, eventually returned to the Glade and warned the Gladers that the Maze's Creators were going to kill them and that the Grievers would take one of them every night. Plagued by a nameless terror as the Grievers attacked the Homestead the first night, Gally snatched planks that are barricading the windows and hit Newt with one of them. Thus, a Griever managed to penetrate the Homestead and seize Gally, running off with him into the Maze.

Gally was taken to the WICKED facility at the end of the Maze in the Griever Hole, where he was kept for several days. When the surviving 20 Gladers made it through the Griever Hole, Gally emerged from the shadows with a knife and, while under control of WICKED, attempted to kill Thomas by throwing it at him. A Glader named Chuck, however, jumped in front of Thomas and took the knife in the chest, dying in Thomas' place. Thomas, distraught and enraged by Chuck's death at the hands of Gally, started beating up Gally, punching him in the face repeatedly and severely injuring him. While Thomas kept brutally beating up Gally, a group of saviors entered the chamber and killed the WICKED agents behind the glass. Thomas knocked Gally unconscious and fled with Teresa and the other Gladers.

The Death Cure[]

In The Death Cure, undenounced to Thomas and the other Gladers, Gally was taken into custody and imprisoned in WICKED's headquarters by WICKED agents. During his imprisonment, Gally was terribly guilty for killing Chuck, even though he had been under WICKED's control. (WICKED told Gally he would be killing Thomas, which he was fine with, and thus, he had not fought their control.) Gally made several attempts to escape but was stopped by the guards every time. However, a group of spies working for the Right Arm snuck into the facility and told Gally that if he acted crazy enough, WICKED would believe he had the Flare and put him in a city somewhere in the United States, where Gally and the spies could meet again and Gally could join them.

After being transported to Denver, he worked with the Right Arm after escaping WICKED. When Gally found out THomas and some of the Gladers had made it to Denver, he sent Thomas, Newt, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge a message through Richard, telling them to meet him at his apartment in Denver, where he now worked for the Right Arm. Gally escaped to them how he escaped and tells them that WICKED is after them and Hans, was the man who could get rid of the implants in their brains. He also told them that Teresa and the rest had been there, and if they wanted to join the Right Arm after finding them, they should come to see him.

When Thomas and Brenda found Vince, the leader of the Right Arm, Gally was there with him, and he assured Vince that Thomas could be trusted. Gally became part of the "army" that takes the Immunes back to WICKED to take it over. However, when it was discovered that the Right Arm was preparing to blow up the place, regardless of any other Immunes left in the Mazes, Gally joined Thomas and the rest.

Gally helped Thomas rescue the rest of the Immunes, going back to the Maze under the WICKED facility and then fighting against the Grievers and Janson's along with many WICKED soldiers, before going through the Flat Trans to the last paradise with the Immunes after defeating WICKED and killing the Grievers and Janson.

The Maze Cutter[]

In The Maze Cutter, Gally died of unknown causes during the 73-year gap after the events of The Death Cure.


The Maze Runner[]


Stung Gally

In the The Maze Runner, after Thomas had just arrived in the Glade, Gally pulled him out of the Box. When Thomas started to run, but tripped and fell, the Gladers laugh at Thomas tripping and falling, while Gally just stands watching on.

When Thomas was about to walk into the Maze, Gally shoved him down to the ground, telling him that they need to stop meeting like this. Thomas manages to get up and push Gally away from him. Gally tried to stop Thomas from walking into the Maze, causing the other Gladers to arrive and tell Thomas that he can't leave the Maze. Gally, along with the other Gladers, watch the Maze doors close. Gally told Thomas that he will let him leave the Maze next time before leaving along with the other Gladers.

At night, at the bonfire, Gally wrestles with the other Gladers in a contest like manner. Gally wrestles with Thomas before Thomas knocks him down to the ground, but Gally knocks Thomas down to the ground as well straight afterwards, causing him to remember his name.

The next day, Ben, having been stung by a Griever, attacked Thomas. Gally, along with the other Gladers seeing this happening, manage to restrain Ben and discover the Griever sting on his stomach, then take him to the Pit.

During the meeting, Gally and the other Keepers vote to banish Ben from the Glade. Later, along with the other Gladers, Gally banishes Ben from the Glade.

At night, Gally crossed out Ben's name on the wall after Ben's banishment.

The next day, Gally, along with the other Gladers, watch on as Thomas ran into the Maze to help Minho and Alby. Gally, and a few others, tried to grab Thomas to stop him from leaving, who had gone into the Maze to retrace Ben's steps, when Alby was stung by a Griever.

The next day, Gally was present when Thomas, Minho, and Alby returned to the Glade alive, the first to do so.

In the Council Hall, during the Gathering, Gally insisted Thomas should be punished for going into the Maze, which was strictly forbidden for anyone who was not a Runner. During his speech, Gally heard the Box alarm ringing, prompting him to run out of the Council Hall along with the other Gladers to investigate.

Gally arrived at the Box along with Newt, where they opened the doors and discovered that the new arrival was a girl, named Teresa. As Gally watched Newt hop down into the Box, Thomas and the other Gladers arrive and gather around the Box. When Gally asked Newt what is in Teresa's hand, Newt took a note from Teresa's hand and read the words "She's the last one ever" on it. As Newt asks the other Gladers what the words mean, Teresa suddenly woke up, recognized Thomas, said his name, and fell unconscious. As the other Gladers looked suspiciously at Thomas, Gally asks the other Gladers if they still think he was overreacting.

When Newt decided that Thomas will spend one night in the Pit with no food, Gally left the Council Hall in anger.

Later, while getting rocks thrown at him along with the other Gladers by Teresa, who has fled to the tower after waking up, Gally was approached by Thomas, who stopped Teresa and goes up to talk to her, while Gally leaves along with the other Gladers.

At night, in the medical hut, after Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Jeff, and Clint managed to inject Alby in the chest with the serum that Teresa had with her when she arrived in the Glade after he started attacking Thomas, Gally came to escort Thomas to the Pit.

While walking Thomas to the Pit, Gally told him that everything started going wrong when he arrived in the Glade: Ben got stung by a Griever, then Alby got stung by a Griever, and now Teresa has arrived in the Glade, 3 days after he entered and being the first and girl, and a note saying she is the last one, ever. Gally told Thomas that the Gladers saw that Teresa has recognized him and that Gally knows that Thomas knows who she is. Gally then locks Thomas in the Pit before walking away.

The next day, while Thomas and Minho return to the Glade while running, Gally and Thomas start arguing with each other, when Teresa called out to them and the other Gladers and tells them that Alby is awake.

In the medical hut, along with Teresa, Newt, Minho, and Frypan, Gally watched Alby tell Thomas that he remembers that Thomas worked for WCKD.

Later that night, Gally witnesses the doors start opening, and Grievers coming out from the Maze running towards the Glade. During the Griever attack, Gally tells a group of Gladers to go hide in the forest. He then goes and hid with Dan and Hank in the Box from the Grievers. When Unnamed Glader 14 tried to tell Gally to let him in, Gally started to open the doors of the Box, but the Glader was attacked and taken away by a Griever, causing Gally to tell Dan and Hank to stay quiet and close the door.

After the Griever Attack, Gally punched Thomas in the face in far more rage, violence, and aggressiveness than before, causing Newt, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Jeff to restrain him and pull him away from Thomas. As Gally tried to fight off Newt, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Jeff, Thomas tooka Griever stinger from Chuck and used it to stab himself in the thigh to regain his memories. Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Chuck, Winston, and Jeff tend to Thomas, while Gally watched on along with with Dan, Tim, and a few other Gladers.

The next day, Gally, having taken the role as First-in-Command, crossed out Alby and many other Gladers name on the wall, had Teresa tied to a pole, and attempted to have Thomas tied to another pole. Thomas, faking being unconscious, knocked out Alec and a Glader, Teresa kicked Dan in the groin, allowing Frypan to cut her free, and Newt knocked down the Glader. Gally attempted to intervene, but is stopped by Minho. Chuck, Winston, Jeff, Jack, Tim, Billy, Mike, and Peter join Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, and Frypan into the Maze. When Thomas tries to convince Gally and the other Gladers to come with him, Gally just wished him luck against the Grievers. As Thomas and his group of Gladers ran out of the Maze, Gally doesn't join his own group of Gladers in walking away from the entrance, choosing instead to join Carl in watching Thomas and his group of Gladers run out of the Maze.

Later, as Thomas and his group of Gladers were about to leave the WCKD lab, Gally, having been stung by a Griever, appeared with a gun, insisting that they will never be free. He fired a bullet at Thomas, but Chuck sacrificed himself by taking the bullet in the chest, giving Minho a chance to throw a spear at Gally, causing it to non-fatally impale him in the chest, causing Gally to drop to his knees, drop the gun, and collapse on his right side on the floor. While lying on his right side on the floor with the spear in his chest, Gally watched on as Thomas and his group of Gladers are taken out of the lab and to a helicopter by a group of masked soldiers.

The Death Cure[]

In the The Death Cure, the Right Arm was at the walls of the Last City trying to force their way in. Janson ordered his men to open fire into the crowd of people. Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge were ushered into two vans by a crew wearing gas masks. At their destination, one of the crew members takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Gally. Thomas, still enraged over Gally killing Chuck during the escape from the Maze, gives him a punch to the face as revenge for the punch to the face that he endured from Gally after the Grievers' attack on the Glade. Thomas gets on top of Gally to try and beat him up. Newt rushes over and convinced Thomas otherwise. Thomas reminded Newt of when Gally killed Chuck. Newt replied that he remembers that Gally was stung by a Griever and half out of his mind. With that, Thomas hesitantly got off Gally. Newt asked Gally how he was still alive, as he, Thomas, and Frypan watched him die. Gally replied that he, Thomas, and Frypan left him to die, then explained that they, Brenda, and Jorge would have been killed by the turrets if Gally and his crew hadn't rescued them. Newt explained to Gally that Minho was being held in the WCKD Tower and that he, Thomas, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge were looking for a way in. Gally offered to help them get into the WCKD Tower. Thomas, at first, refused to follow Gally, but Gally replied that he can get him, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge through the walls of the Last City.

While leading Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge to Lawrence's hideout, Gally explained that after he was left behind in the WCKD lab by Thomas, Newt, Frypan, and the other Gladers, where he was found still lying on the floor with the spear still in his chest by Lawrence's crew, who, after discovering that he was immune to the Flare, pulled the spear out of his chest and took him to the Last City to meet Lawrence, who healed Gally from the spear wound and convinced him to join his crew. Gally told Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge that Lawrence's crew was working to stop WCKD. Gally warned Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge not to stare at Lawrence.

Gally, along with Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge, arrived at Lawrence's hideout. Thomas told Lawrence that he, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge need to get into the WCKD Tower, as Gally said that he could get them through the walls of the Last City. After hearing this, Lawrence replies that the way into the WCKD Tower is impossible. Gally replied that the way into the WCKD Tower won't work without Thomas. When Lawrence asked Thomas why he should trust him, Thomas replies that WCKD has something they both want. Lawrence told Thomas that Gally can go with him and Newt into the Last City while Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge stayed behind with him. Thomas agreed and shook Lawrence's hand. As Jorge advised Thomas to be careful going with Gally and Newt into the Last City, Gally opened a manhole cover to the tunnels and lowered a ladder into the tunnels. Before Gally climbed down the ladder, he is advised by Frypan to take care of Thomas and Newt. Gally agreed before climbing down the ladder, with Thomas and Newt following soon after.

Gally lead Thomas and Newt through the tunnels where he used a generator in the tunnels to turn on the light bulbs so he could lead Thomas and Newt through the tunnels.

At night, Gally took Thomas and Newt on a tour of the Last City. They heard an announcer telling everyone in the Last City to return home. With that, Gally, along with Thomas, and Newt, decide to return to Lawrence's hideout. On the way back to Lawrence's hideout, Gally, along with Thomas and Newt hide from WCKD soldiers.

After returning to Lawrence's hideout along with Thomas and Newt, Gally used a telescope to look at the WCKD Tower and told Thomas and Newt about its security system. When Thomas asked Gally about the way in that he had mentioned before, Gally convinced Thomas to look through the telescope. Thomas complied and saw Teresa working in a lab. Gally revealed to Thomas his plan to use Teresa to get into the WCKD Tower.

The next day, in Lawrence's hideout, Gally, along with Thomas, Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge, went over plans to use Teresa to get into the WCKD Tower. Thomas was reluctant to use Teresa as their way into the WCKD Tower. However, Brenda reminded Thomas of the time Teresa betrayed them, prompting Gally to remark to Thomas that he likes Brenda. Newt reacted violently and aggressively to Thomas' reluctance, screaming at him for still having feelings for Teresa. Remorseful over his sudden burst of rage, Newt apologized before leaving.

The next night, after learning from Thomas that Newt had been infected by the Flare, Gally went with him into the Last City to capture Teresa, while Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge went to an abandoned church. When Teresa left the WCKD Tower, Gally waited in an alley while Thomas lured Teresa into the alley. Gally waited until Thomas and Teresa finished talking so Thomas could signal for Gally to put a sack on Teresa. Gally, along with Thomas, took Teresa to the church where Newt, Frypan, Brenda, and Jorge were hiding. Teresa was shocked to see that Gally was alive, and Gally asked her where Minho was. Teresa replied that Minho was located in Sub-Level 3 with the many other Immune children. Gally took a scalpel and tried to use it to cut off Teresa's finger, but Thomas stopped him by taking the scalpel from him. Thomas convinced Teresa to remove their trackers.

After getting his and Frypan's trackers removed by Teresa, Gally wiped the back of his neck with a cloth. Gally remarked to Frypan that Teresa enjoyed removing trackers, prompting Frypan to agree with him. Gally, along with Frypan, were approached by Newt, who gave them WCKD soldier overall uniforms and face-masking helmets. After Teresa removed Thomas' tracker, Gally approached Thomas and Teresa and asked them if everything is okay. Thomas replied that everything was okay. Teresa tried to pick up a scalpel from the table, but Gally stops her and took her outside, but not before Teresa grabs a cloth with Thomas' blood on it from the table.

Disguised with WCKD soldier overall uniforms and face-masking helmets along with Thomas and Newt, Gally goes with them and Teresa to the WCKD Tower, while Frypan climbed up a crane, Brenda went to a parking lot to steal a bus, and Jorge returned to the Right Arm's hideout.

Gally entered the WCKD Tower through the parking garage while Thomas, Teresa, and Newt entered the WCKD Tower through the main entrance.

Gally, along with Thomas, Teresa, and Newt, arrived at the stairwell. While Thomas talked to Frypan and Brenda on a walkie-talkie, Newt started coughing due to his infection while leaning over the stairwell railing. Gally plugs a jamming device into the electrical box, allowing Lawrence's crew to hack into WCKD's security systems and gun turrets, shutting them down.

Gally, along with Thomas, Teresa, and Newt, arrived in Sub-Level 3 where Gally was shooting the WCKD guards along with Thomas and Newt. While Thomas and Newt let the Immune children out of their cells, Gally pointed a gun at the WCKD guard's neck and asked him how he should get into the vault. The WCKD guard replied that he can't. With that, Gally decided to drill into the door of the vault.

When Thomas and Teresa discovered that Minho had been moved up to the medical wing, Gally took the vials of serum out of the vault and put them in a bag, while Thomas, Teresa, and Newt went to go find Minho.

Gally gave the Immune children the bag and lead them out of Sub-Level 3. While leading the Immune children through the parking garage, Gally contacted Brenda on his walkie-talkie, telling her to come to the parking garage. Brenda arrived in the parking garage with a bus, prompting Gally to load the Immune children onto the bus. When Brenda asked Gally where Thomas was, Gally replied that he was hoping that he was with her. Brenda started to step out of the bus to find Thomas, but Gally stopped her and told her to stay with the Immune children in the bus while he goes to find Thomas.

While Brenda was driving the Immune children out of the garage, Gally went to find Thomas. Gally goes outside the WCKD Tower and watched Thomas, Newt, and Minho jump out of the window and into a pool to escape from Janson and some WCKD soldiers. When Thomas, Newt, and Minho climbed out of the pool, Gally approached them along with three WCKD soldiers, where he began shooting at them, took his helmet, and revealed his face to Thomas, Newt, and Minho. Minho was shocked to see that Gally was alive, and Gally told him, Thomas, and Newt that "they are nuts".

While hiding from the WCKD soldiers along with Thomas, Newt, and Minho, Gally was asked by Thomas how far the tunnels were. Gally replied that the tunnels were twelve blocks away from the WCKD Tower. While Thomas carried Newt off into the Last City, Minho asked Gally why he was helping them, as he put a spear through his chest, to which Gally replied that "nobody is perfect".

While heading with Thomas, Newt, and Minho to meet up with Frypan, Brenda, and the Immune children outside the walls, Gally saw the walls exploding as a result of Lawrence sacrificing himself to destroy them and allow the Crank army to storm the Last City and battle the WCKD soldiers. Gally is disappointed that the Crank army is destroying the whole of the Last City when they are supposed to destroy only WCKD. Thomas reassured Gally that he doesn't have to worry about that, then urged him to come with him, Newt, and Minho.

While hiding behind garden beds along with Thomas, Newt, and Minho, Gally saw the battle between the WCKD soldiers and the Crank army. Unwilling to watch the battle, Gally is forced to escape along with Thomas, Newt, and Minho.

Newt was unable to get to the berg due to his infection, prompting Gally, along with Minho, to run to the berg to get the serum from Brenda. Gally arrived at the berg along with Minho, asking Brenda where the serum was. Gally, along with Minho, Frypan, and Brenda, arrived at the train station where they saw that Thomas had killed Newt out of mercy. While Thomas walked off to the WCKD Tower, Gally watched on along with Brenda as Minho and Frypan kneel at Newt's dead body in pain and sadness.

Gally, along with Minho, Frypan, and Brenda, return to the berg where Jorge flies them, Vince, and the Immune children to the top of the WCKD Tower where Thomas and Teresa were. Thomas was unable to get on the berg due to being shot in the stomach by Janson, but Teresa managed to throw him onto the ramp of the berg, allowing Gally to pull him onboard with the help of Minho, Frypan, Brenda, and Vince. Gally, after successfully pulling Thomas onboard, watched as Teresa fell to her death when the WCKD Tower collapsed. As Jorge flied Gally, Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Brenda, Vince, and the Immune children away from the tower, Gally administrated a bandage on Thomas' wound with the help of Minho, Frypan, Brenda, and Vince.

Sometime later, Gally arrived at the Safe Haven along with Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Brenda, Jorge, Vince, Aris, Sonya, Harriet, the Right Arm, and the Immune children. Gally, along with Aris, were building a campfire when they see Thomas, who had woken up, approaching them. Gally watched on as Thomas and Minho hugged. At night, at the campfire, Gally, along with Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Brenda, Jorge, Aris, Sonya, Harriet, the Right Arm, and the Immune children, listened to Vince give a speech.

Gally conversed with Sonya while Brenda sips from her cup. Gally went to the Memorial Rock and engraved Chuck's name on it. Gally was sitting with Minho, Frypan, Brenda, Jorge, Vince, Aris, Sonya, Harriet, the Right Arm, and the Immune children at the campfire when Thomas approached them, hugged Gally and Brenda, and sat down with them, Minho, Frypan, Brenda, Jorge, Vince, Aris, Sonya, Harriet, the Right Arm, and the Immune children at the campfire. The next day, while Gally was sleeping, Thomas goes to the Memorial Rock and engraved Teresa's name on it. Thomas walked along the beach, stopped walking, looked out at the ocean and the ship, pulls out the serum, takes a long look at it, and began looking out into the distance.

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

In The Maze Runner, Gally was described by Thomas as a fifteen-year-old boy who was tall and skinny with black hair, green eyes, and a nose the size of a small fist that resembled a deformed potato. Gally had bad teeth that came nowhere close to the colour white. His voice was described as being scratchy. Gally was quick to anger while in the Glade, although he was much friendlier as a child. In The Death Cure, Gally and Thomas were able to put the past behind them and become close friends.

In the films, Gally was portrayed by Will Poulter, who was tall and muscular with light brown hair and sharp eyebrows.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Disease Immunity: Gally was shown to be Immune to the effects of the Flare virus. It was shown in the Maze Runner film that he was stung by a Griever. Six months later in the Death Cure film, he became healthy from it due to being cured by Lawrence.


Gally Brawn to Brain

Gally planting a jamming device in WCKD to corrupt the systems

  • Intelligence: In the Death Cure film, Gally was smart enough to come up with a plan to get into the WCKD headquarters by having Thomas lure Teresa into a trap where he can capture and take her to a church to interrogate her, take her with him, Thomas, and Newt to the WCKD Tower where he can place his jamming device on the building's security systems, and he, Thomas, and Newt can use Teresa's thumbprint ID to gain access to the building's restricted area.
Gally Pushing Power

Gally shoving Thomas off his own feet with ease

  • Peak Human Strength: Gally was a fit and muscular boy who possesses peak athletic strength. He was able to shove Thomas down to the ground when he was off guard and when getting into a brawl match with him, he flipped him on his head by kicking his leg. Then in rage over the Glade being destroyed, Gally storms up to Thomas and punches him in the left side of the face with ease. In The Death Cure, he was able to grab and throw Thomas into the truck effortlessly.
Gally Taken Punch

Gally enduring a peak strike from Thomas

  • Peak Human Durability: Gally also possessed high pain threshold that enabled him to survive worst hits and attacks that are placed on him. When Teresa threw objects at the Gladers, she threw a rock down at his head, which doesn't cause him much complaint, then after firing a bullet at Chuck instead of Thomas, Gally was non-fatally impaled in the left side of his chest with a spear thrown at him by Minho. Six months later in the Death Cure film, Gally caught up with Thomas and the others in the Last City, revealed himself to be alive and breathing due to being healed of the spear wound by Lawrence, and then endured a punch to the face from an enraged Thomas, due to Thomas wanting revenge for the punch to the face that he endured from Gally after the Grievers' attack on the Glade, but Gally got back up stabled with a bruise.
Gally Fast Shooting

Gally single-handedly shooting three armed WCKD soldiers

  • Expert Marksmanship & Weapon Proficiency: Gally showed excellent skills and technique accuracy in being in possession of firearm weaponry. When stung by a Griever, he was able to shoot Chuck in the chest before being non-fatally impaled in the chest with a spear by Minho. Six months later, after being healed of the spear wound by Lawrence and joining Thomas and the Gladers in taking down WCKD, Gally infiltrates the facility with both Thomas and Newt, where he uses his Launcher to shoot many WCKD guards, frees the Immunes from their prison cells and takes them to Brenda, who has stolen a bus, and shoots three-armed security guards, saving Thomas, Newt, and Minho.
Gally in the Match

Gally wrestling with his fellow Gladers

  • Brawling: During the Maze Runner film, Gally was able to hold his own in a fight against the Gladers as he wrestled with each of them from time to time before Thomas arrived. When they both entered a dual brawl with each other, Gally was able to push Thomas easily before tripping him. Three days later, Gally, enraged thinking that Thomas was an enemy sent to destroy the Glade, punches him in the face, placing a bruise.