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The Gathering is a meeting of all the Keepers, and the leaders who are Alby and Newt, usually in dire situations when something extremely serious needs to be sorted out or when there is a punishment needed to be sorted out due to someone's actions.

The 10 Keepers and the two leaders call themselves the "council" so there are 13 seats in the council room, 10 for the Keepers, 2 for the leaders, and 1 for the shank that is in trouble. The Keepers and leaders sit in a semicircle around the one chair.

Every Keeper has heard about the subject, can say his opinion, and propose a solution or consequence. Then the leader phrases the options and they vote.


  • The first Gathering after Thomas' arrival was to talk about what the Gladers should do with him because of all the weird events.
  • After Thomas' arrival, he attended the Gathering even though he was not a Keeper.
  • In the first Gathering with Thomas, there is a mentioned order of the Keepers. It starts on the right with Zart, followed by Frypan, an unnamed Keeper with black hair and freckles, Winston, two more unnamed Keepers, Newt, Alby, Billy, Gally, and then Minho.
  • The Gathering elects their Runners.
  • In the Glade, the Gathering is held inside a large room of the Homestead.