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Gladers, officially designated Group A, is one of the two groups that participate in the Trials, the other group being Group B.

The group was all-male for the near entirety of the two years they spent in the Glade, until the arrival of Teresa Agnes, the first girl and last person to arrive in the Maze. The group numbered about fifty to sixty people upon Thomas' arrival.

The group was led for the majority of its existence by Nick, who was among the first people to arrive in the Maze. Sometime after the arrival of Chuck, but before Thomas' arrival, Nick died and was succeeded by Alby, his Second-in-Command, as leader of the Gladers.

In the film, there were a total of 58 unnamed Gladers, and 49 named Gladers named or seen on the wall of the Glade.

In the book, there were 29 Gladers known through the book seen talking or mentioned.

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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