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Hank is a Runner. Thomas saw the name "Hank" written on the top right corner of a map of Section 8 of the Maze when Minho introduced Thomas to the Map Room.


The Maze Runner

Hank is good friends with Gally and Dan, the latter of whom he is often seen talking with. When Ben is being banished, he watches from afar. When Gally starts to get suspicious of Thomas, Hank also agrees with Gally and thinks that Thomas should have some sort of punishment for going out into the Maze at night. When the Griever attack starts, Hank goes with Gally and Dan to hide. They decide to go hide in the Box and Hank is seen holding a torch and is told by Gally to be quiet so that the Grievers don't hear them during the attack on the Glade. Hank eventually leaves the Box and joins the others in the hut. After this, he is not seen for the rest of the film, confirming his fate.