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"Let's go! Let's go!"
— Jack rushing everyone up the escalators.

Jack is a character first mentioned in The Scorch Trials, the second book in the Maze Runner series.


The Scorch Trials

In The Scorch Trials, Jack begins to build a friendship with Thomas and is tasked with looking after the injured Winston. Later, during the massive thunderstorm in the Scorch, he is struck by lightning, resulting in his leg being blown off and his hair being burned. It is said that Jack has been clutching his knee and writhing in pain. It can be presumed that he died soon after due to shock and blood loss, because this is the last place where Jack is seen. Thomas was also affected by Jack's death besides the deaths of Alby and Chuck.


The Maze Runner

Jack's name as seen engraved on the wall

In the Maze Runner film, Jack is first seen when Thomas wakes up in the Box. He looks down at him and smirks. Jack and Carl then open the gates to the Box, allowing Gally to hop inside and pull Thomas out. He is later seen working around the Glade. When Thomas freaks out after Gally pushes him away from the Maze doors, Jack, along with Mike, John, and three other Gladers, runs over to them. He is later seen partying with the other Gladers. In a deleted scene, he is seen cooking next to Frypan. He watches Thomas and Gally fight each other and is present during Ben's banishment. Throughout the rest of the film, Jack is seen helping people around the Glade. He is also seen when Minho arrives right outside of the Glade inside the Maze trying to carry Alby back. Jack starts screaming at them along with the other Gladers to hurry up and get out of the Maze. He then witnesses Thomas and Gally argue with each other. When the Grievers attack the Glade, Jack runs to the doors with the others. When the other doors open, he watches in shock and terror when the Grievers enter the Glade. Jack hides in the tall grass with Thomas, Teresa, Zart, Billy and Mike. While hiding in the tall grass, Jack witnesses Zart's death and runs out of the tall grass with the others. He then follows them to go help Alby, who is injured. Once they get to Alby, the group runs away and is about to be attacked by a Griever when Newt, Minho, Frypan, and Tim arrive with weapons to defend themselves. Jack fights off the Grievers alongside the other Gladers. Jack then manages to get inside the hut and hides. He then witnesses the deaths of Alby and another Glader. When Thomas runs outside, Jack follows him alongside the other Gladers and looks at the aftermath of the Griever attack. As Gally plans to sacrifice Thomas and Teresa to the Grievers, the other Gladers rebel against Gally, stating they are going to escape the Maze, and Jack leaves with them. While getting ready to leave the Glade, Jack tells Peter to come join him. Peter agrees and decides to go. Jack participates in the final battle against the Grievers and witnesses the deaths of Jeff, Mike, and Peter. Jack survives the final battle and makes it out of the maze. He then witnesses Gally shoot Chuck in the chest and Minho impale Gally in the chest with a spear. Jack looks at Chuck's body in sadness. He is then escorted towards the helicopter and survives the Maze Trials and moves on to the Scorch.

The Scorch Trials

In the Scorch Trials film, Jack is seen with Thomas and the other Gladers in WCKD's facility. When they first walk into the building, they arrive in a room with a big table full of food on it. The group runs over to the table and starts eating all the food while laughing and having a good time together. A little bit later, Jack is seen being tested by a doctor and eating lunch with the other gladers. He also listens to David and Riley's story. Later, Jack sleeps above Winston. Jack escapes with the rest of the group when Thomas discovers that the facility is used to harvest the Cure from the Immunes. When the group arrives to pick up Teresa, Jack and Newt begin to tie the doctors hands up. Moments later, Jack witnesses Thomas firing a gun at a guard. After, he is seen running to a door with the rest of the group. Once the group figures out the keycard doesn't work, Jack, along with the others, look back at Janson in fear. Aris and Winston then open the door from the other side. Frypan tells the group to go, causing Jack and the others to go through the door. Jack and the others then tell Thomas to hurry up when the door is closing. Jack then witnesses Thomas open the exit gate to the scorch and he then runs outside with the others. Once the group escapes, they run into an abandoned mall. Jack assists the others in finding survival gear and runs along with the others when Cranks begin chasing the group. While running away from the Cranks, he helps everyone up a flight of stairs, but before he can join them, he is attacked by a Crank which grabs onto him and drags him off the edge of the stairs. Jack calls to Frypan for help, but before Frypan can help him, another Crank jumps on top of Jack and he then falls off and dies.


"Lets Go. Let's Go!" The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Film)

"Frypan!" The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Film)


Jack's death.gif

  • His twenty seconds long death scene did not make it into the film's final cut. However, a section of it is seen during the official trailer.
    • According to Wes Ball on the audio commentary of the deleted scenes, he said Jack's death was cut because test audiences weren't noticing him.
  • Jack is the only "extra" character to be seen with the main group of Gladers that escape from the WCKD facility. However, he was not the only extra not to make the final cut scene: Tim and Billy were also dropped from Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.
  • Bryce Romero is uncredited in the film's credits for The Scorch Trials but many sources like IMDb[1] list him as the character Jack.
  • Jack also appears in the deleted scene "Food Fight."
  • His job as a cook was confirmed in a deleted scene in the first film.