Jason is a Glader and Builder who appeared in the Maze Runner film. He is seen throughout the film in the background. He appears to be good friends with Jack. Jason survived the initial ambush in the Glade by the Grievers. During the final fight, right after Mike is killed, the remaining Gladers are pinned against the escape tunnel by the Grievers, with only their spears to defend themselves. Jason then charges at the Grievers and stabs at them with his spear. Unfortunately, his attack is short-lived, as he trips and falls to the ground. A Griever then grabs him and throws him away. He is the second Glader to perish in the Maze escape, right after Mike, but before Jeff.

Jason, moments before his death

Jason's death

Jason name

Jason's name as seen engraved on the wall

Screenshot 2018-07-04 at 9.41.17 AM

Jason and Jack

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