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Jed, whose full name was Jedidiah, was the leader of a religious cult and was known for having no hair nor ears.

The Kill Order

When the Sun Flares scorched the Earth, Jed's hair and ears melted off, permanently deforming his head. He eventually made his way to the Appalachian Mountains, where he lived in a village made of wooden structures.

A year after the Sun Flares, a Berg with people in green suits visited the village. The Green Suits shot darts at the villagers, infecting them with the Flare. The deaths came in waves, each wave taking longer than the last. The village eventually split into two factions: those who were infected, and those who were not. The infected tried to kill the uninfected, so Jed lead the group of uninfected out of the village and into the forest.

Jed and his followers believed the heavens were punishing them for becoming lax, and to remind them of what they needed to become. They felt that trees, plants, and animals are magical, and that those who were hit with darts were demons. And since Deedee was hit by a dart but survived, Jed and his group believed she brought the evil upon them, and so they left her behind.

Two months and three days after the Berg attack, Jed and his followers sang and danced around a bonfire. The noise attracted Mark and Alec, who were camping close by. Jed's followers restrained Mark and Alec and proceeded to beat them up. Jed stopped the beating and called Mark and Alec his friends. As Jed talked to them, he felt a pain in his head. Sounds of people yelling, screaming, and laughing came from the woods. The Infected faction from the village had arrived.

Jed pressed his hands against his head and moaned. As he writhed in pain, his followers knelt down and lowered their faces to the ground in a kind of worship. Jed screamed and yelled, "They've killed me! The demons ... finally ... killed me!" He died as blood seeped from his nose and mouth.


Jed was described as a disfigured person with no hair and no ears. His face was hideously scarred from the Sun Flares, and his lips were yellow and malformed, twisted to one side.

On the night of his death, Jed wore boots, denim pants, and a tight plaid shirt.