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"It's got me!"
— Jim screaming for help.

Jim is a Cook whose name was seen engraved in the wall of the Glade. His name was not crossed out when Thomas arrived, meaning he was alive at the time. He was one of the younger kids inside the Glade along with Chuck and Jack and he is real good friends with Frypan, as seen at the party. Frypan is laughing with him and has his arm around him. Throughout the film, Jim is mostly busy with making food for the Gladers and isn't seen doing much besides that. During the Griever attack, Jim and several other Gladers are told by Gally to go hide in the forest. While hiding in the forest, they are attacked and Jim is killed during the Griever attack when he is dragged away from behind by one of the Grievers. He did not appear in the books.