"We are evil. They are kids... Let the Munies have the world."
— Chancellor Anderson (The Fever Code)

Chancellor Kevin Anderson was the penultimate chancellor of WICKED, just before the chancellor Ava Paige. He is the main instigator of the Trials creation, of the choice of the Candidates and Elites of their implant, which caused the death of several of them.


He announced his decommission in his last email to the other members of WICKED, called "partners". He admits that he has caught the Flare, and has been affected quicker and more viciously than the original group but he doesn't know why. He makes use of the little sanity he has left to appoint Ava Paige as his successor and to warn the others not to fight the virus as he did but to accept it and to end suffering. It is later discovered in The Fever Code that Ava Paige wrote this email under his name.

On the following day he writes another email but doesn't send it. This message shows the previous chancellor has now lost, in addition to his little mental health; he has bitten off eight of his fingers. Madness makes him say the reverse of what he was fighting for the day previous day, such as let the Immunes rule the world or to subject the Trials to kids. He is killed by Thomas (reluctantly) in the Purge, a task given to them by Ava Paige to wipe out the infected staff in the WICKED headquarters.

No other information about him is communicated after that.

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