Lana is a former military nurse who survives the sun flares in The Kill Order, and is one of the protagonists of the story. She is a stout woman with black hair that is always kept in a tight bun. Alec has worked with her for the defense department and they have a close bonding. When the sun flares hit she and Alec save a few teenagers down in the New York Subtrans tunnels: Misty and the Toad, Darnell and Baxter, Mark and Trina. They make it to the settlements out in the country near Asheville, where they feel safe. When the virus is unleashed and Alec and Mark manage to get themselves into the assaulting berg, she takes care of the settlement and, figuring that the death-bringing darts must have transported a disease, makes them all wear protection while dealing with the infected.

After Mark's and Alec's return and Darnell's death they set out to find the bunker the berg had come from. They have to leave the infected Misty behind, likewise the Toad who is not willing to abandon his friend. Lana is quite strict on every one keeping a safety distance between each other. But after they found little Deedee she no longer insists. Alecand Mark leave the women to investigate a group of infected people from Deedee's village. Before the men return, Lana and Trina decide to go to the bunker with Deedee to meet them there. But they are caught and given to the Cranks from the village who mistreat her.

When Alec and Mark finally find her she is heavily bruised, bloody, missing half her hair. As several cranks attack and stab her, the men fight the attackers off and kill them all with their Transvice. But it's too late for Lana. Alec chooses to kill her by vaporizing her with his Transvice to end her misery.

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