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The Map Room was a place in the Glade where the Runners stored their maps they made of the Maze, believing there to be an answer in the patterns. Upon returning from the Maze, the Runners would disappear for hours, creating maps from their memory of their routes through the maze. They would then study the maps, looking for patterns.

The Map Room was burnt down by Alby as the Ending approached. However, after Alby's warning, Newt and Minho moved the maps to the weapons room in the Homestead and placed fake, identical ones in the Map Room instead. Alby later confessed to burning the room down.

The Map Room was described in the books as a squat concrete building with a riveted metal door, located near the Box.

According to Thomas, the "Room had a musty, wet smell, laced with a deep coppery scent so strong he could taste it."