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"You know... what to do... when I'm done."
— Mark's final conversation with Alec

Mark is the main protagonist of The Kill Order, the prequel to The Maze Runner. He survived the Sun Flares, and escaped to the Appalachians along with Trina, his love interest, as well as Alec and Lana, two war veterans, and a few other newly acquainted friends. Mark died at the age of 17, and almost went mad from the FLARE virus. He was never a Munie (immune to the FLARE virus), so he caught it after sharing and touching the infected's blood.


Throughout the book, there are brief mentions of a family. He had both parents, along with a spoiled younger sister named Madison. His family was never recovered after the Sun Flares, and he presumed them to have died. He dearly missed little Madison, even though it was once said that Madison was spoiled, but a lot of that doing was Mark's.

Mark was a survivor of the Sun Flares and escaped to the Appalachian along with love interest Trina, along with two war veterans Alec and Lana. Mark is not immune to the Flare, and eventually falls victim to the deadly virus. He saved Deedee, a young girl who is immune to the Flare, and managed to get her away from the Flare-infected East, and to the PFC, writing a note to tell them that she was immune, and she can be used to find a cure for the Flare.

In the end, Mark, Trina, and Alec all catch the Flare. They do not want to live as Cranks and lose their sanity, but they do not want their deaths to be in vain. Mark eventually sacrifices himself along with Trina and Alec, to help save Deedee. Mark and Trina hug as they die, leaving the world together as Alec crashed the Berg into the building.