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Mike is a Slicer who appeared in the Maze Runner film. He is a minor character in the movie and is not mentioned in the book. Michael Bow, Mike's actor, says he is most likely named after Michaelangelo.


The Maze Runner

Mike is first seen working around the Glade. When Thomas freaks out after Gally shoves him away from the Maze doors, Mike, along with Jack, John, and three other Gladers run over to them. Mike is later seen partying with the other Gladers. Mike is then seen talking to Frankie. Mike then witnesses Thomas and Gally fight. The next day, he takes part in Ben's banishment. The next day, in a deleted scene, Mike is seen working in the kitchen along with Frypan, Carl, and John. He is also seen when Minho arrives right outside of the Glade inside the Maze trying to carry Alby back. Mike starts screaming at them along with the other Gladers to hurry up and get out of the Maze. The next day, he is seen in the council hall. When the Box is heard coming up, Mike, along with Peter, Dan, Tim,Hank, Carl, and John look behind them and start running towards the Box with the other Gladers. When Teresa arrives and says Thomas' name, Mike and the other Gladers look up at him. Later in the movie, Mike is seen witnessing Thomas and Gally argue. Later, when Winston tells Thomas the doors aren't closing, Mike is seen walking up to investigate the doors along with Winston, Zart, Billy, Dan, Hank, Carl and three unnamed Gladers. When Grievers enter the Glade, Mike runs to the corn field along with Thomas, Teresa, Zart, Jack, and Billy. Mike then witnesses Zart get grabbed and killed by a Griever. Mike then runs to the village and witnesses Jimget grabbed and pulled away by a Griever. Mike then runs to the council and hides with the others. Mike witnesses the deaths of Alby and Hank. The next morning, Mike is seen present during the offering. When Thomas tells everyone they are leaving, Mike, along with Winston, Jeff, Jack, Tim, Billy, and Peter go with Thomas to escape. He is then seen running in the Maze with the others. Thomas then leads the Gladers to attack the Griever. Mike and the others charge at the Griever. However, the Griever causes Mike to fall over and grabs him and throws him into the void, killing him.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

In the Death Cure film, the name Michael is engraved on the Memorial Rock along with the names of others killed in the war against WCKD. It is possible that this is a reference to Mike.