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Nick is the former leader of the Gladers, first mentioned by Alby in the first few chapters of The Maze Runner. He also makes a brief appearance in The Fever Code. He may be named after Nikola Tesla, a Croatian-Serbian inventor, or Nicolaus Copernicus, a Renaissance-era mathematician.


In The Fever Code, Nick is first identified as the friend of George, another Glader. When George begins acting strange and violent and Alby punches him in the face repeatedly, Nick angrily explains to Alby and Newt that when George was ahead of him while exploring the Maze, he suddenly heard mechanical sounds along with George screaming. When he caught up to George, the latter kept mumbling about being stung.

After they inject George with a mysterious syringe of serum Frypan found in a supply box, George goes postal and attacks a nearby Glader. Alby is forced to kill George with a sharpened stick to save the other boy. Nick, relatively calm in spite of his friend's death, kneels next to George's body and sees the sting on his abdomen.

Later on, Nick seems to have appointed himself leader of the Glade, and he, Alby, and Newt seem to argue a lot about various matters. He was killed at some point after Chuck's arrival and before Thomas came; it is unknown exactly how he died.


In the Maze Runner film, Nick is not dead and was never the leader, it is possible that his actor was Nick Killebrew, but it is not confirmed. His name is not pointed at the camera after the Griever attack, so it is unknown if he died.


Nick's name as engraved on the wall

  • In the Maze Runner film, Nick's name is engraved in the wall, uncrossed meaning he was still alive.
  • In The Fever Code when Thomas and Chuck are viewing George after he was stung by a Griever, Thomas asks Chuck which boy was next to George and Chuck tells Thomas that he was Nick and he picks his nose.


  • "He's my friend, you know. He needs medical help, not some hothead beating on him." The Fever Code