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Peter is a Builder whose name was seen engraved on the wall of the Glade in the Maze Runner film.


The Maze Runner

In The Maze Runner film, Peter's name was not crossed out at the time and therefore he was alive when Thomas arrived in the Glade. Peter was good friends with Jack and was seen talking to him a lot of the time throughout the film. He is first seen when Thomas arrives in the Box. Peter is seen laughing at him with the other Gladers. Later, Peter is seen working around the Glade. Later, Peter is seen partying with the other Gladers. Peter, along with two unnamed Gladers, is seen drumming. When Gally challenges Thomas to fight, Gally pushes Thomas into Peter, Zart, and another Glader, to which they all push him back to Gally. He is then seen at the meeting, to which he witnesses Teresa wake up from the Box. When Teresa is throwing rocks at the Gladers, he is seen taking cover from her with a pot lid. The next night, when the other doors open, Peter, John, and some other Gladers go over and check one. Eventually, they see Grievers in it and start running away from it and yell to the other Gladers to run. During the Griever attack on the Glade, Peter hides in the council hall. When Thomas's group arrives in the hut, he is seen telling them to hurry up with his hands. After they enter, Peter along with Unnamed Glader 36 lock the doors. When the Griever collapses the Council Hall roof, Peter is seen escaping the rubble with the help of Jeff and other Gladers. He then witnesses the deaths of Alby and Hank. After Alby and Hank's deaths, he is seen observing the aftermath of the attack with the other Gladers. He ends up surviving. When Thomas and his friends decide to leave the Maze, Peter doesn't want to leave the Glade at first, but Jack is able to convince him to leave and he decides to listen to Jack and join the rest of the Gladers, who are leaving the Glade. Once they get to the end of the Maze, Peter participates in the final battle against the Grievers. During the battle, Peter runs at a Griever with a spear, but the Griever grabs it and pulls him towards it and then grabs him and throws him off into the void, killing him. He does not appear in the books.


  • Before Peter charges at the Griever with the others, he is seen holding a machete instead of a spear. However, in the next scene, he is seen running with the others towards the Griever with a spear.