Randall Spilker was a member of the Post-Flares Coalition (PFC). When Katie McVoy introduced the virus she had discovered in containment, VC321xb47 (later known as the Flare) and suggested it as a means of population control to the council, Spilker and Ladena Lichliter tried to convince the other members of the madness of such an act. However Chancellor John Michael approved it and the virus was tested on the population, creating the Cranks.

In The Fever Code, Randall was the one who punished Thomas for resisting his new name. Randall later appeared in the story, and had thrown Thomas, Teresa, Alby, and Minho into the crank pits after they had went to see the night sky, after another night of sneaking about. He was also the one to unleash the Griever on Minho, not only to test it, but to obtain valuable brain patterns.

Randall eventually contracted the Flare. When Thomas went for a walk one night with a couple of guards as an escort, Randall, who was completely past the Gone, attacked them. He killed the guards and went for Thomas. Thomas managed to fend him off with a fallen guard's Launcher; once the man was temporarily incapacitated, Thomas smashed his head in with the butt end of the Launcher, ending his life.

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