Red Shirt was a minor character in The Death Cure. He worked in security force in Denver but was also a bounty hunter due to his hatred against Immunes.


The Death Cure

Red Shirt appeared for the first time in a coffee shop in Denver while ThomasMinhoBrenda, and Jorge were eating their breakfast. He was controlling the other customers to detect the Flare. He noticed a man was under the influence of the Bliss and ordered to the other customers to run out to avoid contamination. However, Thomas didn't make a move, fascinated by what was happening. When Red Shirt saw the Glader, he asked him why he didn't say anything about the Crank consuming the Bliss and tested him to know if he really was immune to the Flare. When he realized Thomas was telling the truth, he led him to his car to take him to WICKED, but a cop machine arrived, with a video feed of Janson, and shot Red Shirt, killing him by shooting him multiple times.

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