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A Glader going through the Changing.

The Changing is a state of very painful unconsciousness that occurs after a person is stung by a Griever and then given the Grief Serum.

Symptoms and Consequences

The Gladers who go through the Changing are prone to hallucinations and seizures. Their physical attributes often include greenish, prominent veins, a case of hives, and self-inflicted bruises and scratches. A particular attribute of interest is bloodshot eyes.

After the Changing, the person gets back some of the memories that were wiped before they came into the Glade. These memories are often fleeting, as most, such as Gally, only recall bits and pieces of what had transpired in the past. Most of the memories are horrible, causing some people to go insane and aggressive after the Changing, such as Ben, who had attempted to murder Thomas while still dealing with the aftermath of the Changing.

Benefits and Uses

In The Maze Runner, Thomas purposefully gets stung by a Griever to go through the Changing and retrieve memories. Those memories are then used to help the Gladers escape the Maze, but for that to happen, he has to take the Grief Serum.

Known Gladers who have gone through the Changing


  • Everyone who has gone through the Changing has seen Thomas and Teresa alongside the Creators.
  • Having seen the horrors of the real world makes the Gladers desperate. They would much rather stay in the Glade and even get killed by the Grievers than escape and suffer far worse things.
  • The boy in the picture above is presumed to be Ben as this character appears in the book trailer only.