In the Maze, the only truly notable landmark is The Cliff. According to Minho, before Thomas arrived in the Maze, several Greenbeans had fallen over the Cliff. It looks around three miles high to Thomas. The Cliff is in the Maze and could possibly be in Section 8 based on Thomas's description of the area. The route to the Cliff is the only route that never changes.

Discovering the Secret of the Cliff

Thomas and Minho see a Griever roll right off the edge of the Cliff one day while running, so they decide to investigate. Minho explains that Gladers have tried throwing rocks off the edge before, but they just fall. However, when they throw a rock roughly where the Griever disappeared, they see it disappear instead of falling. They investigate further, throwing rocks at every space moving left to right in rows that move further away from the edge. They work out that there is a hole where the rocks disappear. They realize they have discovered the Grievers' lair.

At the end of The Maze Runner, Thomas and Teresa realize that the Griever Hole they discovered is the exit out of the Maze. They know that the Maze is a code, making a letter each day to form a pattern that repeats itself every month, and Thomas has recovered enough of his memories to know that there is a code to be typed in on a computer somewhere. They make a guess that they must enter the words somewhere inside the Griever Hole to open the exit. However, as the Gladers run to the Cliff to leave the Maze once and for all, they find a lot of Grievers on the final path. The Gladers fight the Grievers while Thomas, Teresa and Chuck run past, jump down the hole and punch in the code to deactivate the Grievers and open the exit. They succeed, although 20 of the 41 Gladers die fighting.

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