This is a list of differences between The Death Cure novel and the 2018 film adaptation.

  • Movie: Thomas and his friends start off apart from WCKD, but WCKD has captured most of their friends, including Minho.
  • Book: Teresa was crushed to death by a huge block of stone.
  • Movie: Teresa died when WCKD collapsed.
  • Book: Newt dies by forcing Thomas to shoot him right on his forehead to prevent from going through the Gone and end his "misery".
  • Movie: Newt dies by stabbing himself in the chest with a blade to prevent the full transformation of a Crank.
  • Book: WICKED failed to find a cure for the Flare.
  • Movie: WCKD succeeded in finding a cure for the Flare.
  • Book: WICKED had a complex.
  • Movie: WCKD had a tower.
  • Book, Launchers were introduced in THE DEATH CURE.
  • Movies: Launchers were introduced in THE SCORCH TRIALS.
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