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The Homestead is a double story wooden building located in the north-west corner of the Glade. During the siege of Grievers, the house was barricaded to keep them out.

In the Maze Runner film, it is referred to as the Council Hall and is built of long branches and sticks.


Thomas described it as a "leaning structure of wood and windows."(Page 30) It is multistory with multiple rooms, as well as a bathroom and a room for nursing the wounded. The foyer and hallway were plastered with dark peeling wallpapers and there were missing floor boards, which indicates that it was poorly maintained.

It is a small house where some of the Gladers sleep. Underneath is a basement filled with weapons, only accessible by very few. It has been added onto and changed from the original building that was located in the Glade.


  • Teresa was kept in the Homestead while she was in a coma, next to Ben's room.
  • Ben was kept upstairs in a room during the Changing.
  • There is a large room in the Homestead where the Council holds Gatherings.
  • It is possible that the kitchen is in the Homestead.