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"Well. I think it's safe to say the Maze Trials were a complete success. I wasn't expecting so many survivors but, the more, the merrier. Thomas continues to surprise and impress. But for now, they seem to have taken the bait. It's too soon to say, but they could be the key. So, lets move forward. It's time now to begin... Phase Two."
— Ava Paige talking about Phase Two: The Scorch Trials

The Scorch is a prominent location in the Maze Runner Trilogy, mentioned in the first and last books, and being the main setting of The Scorch Trials.

The Scorch is a very dangerous place inhabited with Cranks, located between the two tropics, which is between the far north and the Aspen. The Scorch is believed to be in Mexico, a country in Central America that borders United States of America to the North, and Guatemala and Belize to the South.


The Scorch is the given name for what was originally Earth's equator. It is the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. When solar flares ravaged the planet, it was destroyed, leaving a burnt, cobbled landscape, and dead husks of the architecture that once thrived.

The Scorch, as shown in the film

The Scorch is mainly a barren desert, with red, rocky terrain, and natural land formations, some of which are still fertile. The landscape is dotted by small craters caused by the devastating lightning storms that are a common occurrence in the area. Abandoned Cities still stand, albeit heavily charred from the Sun; some showing signs of civil use after the Flares and before the virus. The cities in the Scorch are now predominately used either as Crank Palaces, or as the place they are taken to after their mental state progresses past the Gone, or complete insanity.


In The Maze Runner, the Scorch is mentioned at the very end as the focus of the sun's devastation.

The Scorch is the main setting in The Scorch Trials. In the Scorch, Thomas and the fellow Gladers have to survive a journey through the Crank infested Wasteland. Several Gladers die in the lightning storms. Thomas meets Brenda and Jorge. Thomas interacts with Teresa. Several Gladers die battling Bulb Monsters. The surviving party escapes to the berg at the end of the trial.


A map of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, the area between which makes up The Scorch