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The Slammer functions as the Gladers' jail. It is a simple rudimentary concrete cube with a barred window and a wooden door with a rusty lock. It also gives the leaders the power to enforce rules if someone disobeys them. The interior holds only a wobbly chair. The Slammer lies between the farm and the North Wall, just behind a bush of uncut brambles, in what appears to be the darkest corner of the block. It is the most secure place in the Glade.

The Gladers may be locked inside for varying periods of time according to their misdeeds, but only after being first considered by the Council; the vote must be that of the majority without necessarily being unanimous.

Known Gladers imprisoned

  • Ben: for attempting to kill Thomas, breaking Rule Number Two. In the live-action film. he was left to die in the maze.
  • Thomas: for breaking Rule Number One.
  • Teresa: for triggering the Ending and thus apparently being responsible for the Doors not closing; it was so surprising and unprecedented that there was obviously no actual rule in place.


In the movie, it is called the Pit.