The Trials are a series of three tests that the Creators, part of WICKED, created for a group of teenagers, or subjects, who are immune to the Flare, or extremely rarely, not. They had been testing the "subjects" when they were very young, before the Maze Trials, to see if they're capable and strong enough to be sent up to the Maze. They consist of Variables designed to provoke certain Killzone patterns which WICKED will then use to attempt to create a cure for the Flare. After the subjects have passed all the Trials, WICKED will choose a final candidate to provide the final information needed to create the cure. This information is the physical composition of the Killzone or the brain itself. To acquire this information, however, the Final candidate will be operated on. This operation is fatal.

There are three Trials: The Maze, The Scorch Trials, and a third test which is different for each individual. Thomas' third trial is complete isolation in a white room for 26 days.

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