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The Toad is a character in The Kill Order who is best friends with Misty and good friends with Darnell.


In The Kill OrderAlec describes the Toad, Misty, and Darnell as "The Three Stooges", a short time before the PFC released the Flare using darts. When Misty falls victim of the Flare, the Toad was the only member out of Mark, Trina, Alec, and Lana to stay behind, Darnell having already died from a direct hit from one of the darts. Staying behind ultimately killed the Toad in the end, because in Misty's final moments, he went inside to comfort her and caught the Flare as a result. At some point, he told the others that he had put Misty out of her misery. Later, the Toad caught up to the group and explained that little things were inside his head. For the safety of the group, Alec took the Toad out of everyone else's sight and killed him.

Physical Appearance

The Toad is described as short and squat, as his nickname implied. He is the shortest nineteen-year-old Mark has ever seen, but thick as an oak tree, all muscle and sinew and veins.