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This glader is a Track-hoe that appears in the Maze Runner film. His portrayer is unknown.


This glader is first seen when Thomas wakes up from The Box. He is seen looking down at him when Gally drags him out. When Thomas runs away and trips, this glader is seen laughing at him with the other Gladers. Later, he is seen working around the glade. He is then seen working on twigs. Later, he is seen partying with the other gladers. When Newt is showing Thomas around the glade, this glader is seen swinging two bags and doing tricks with them in the background. When Gally challenges Thomas to fight, this glader is seen watching the fight. The next day, he is seen working in the gardens. He later participates in Ben's banishment. After Ben is banished, he is seen walking away. The next day, he is seen working around the glade. In a deleted scene, he is seen waiting to get lunch from Frypan in line. When it starts raining, he is seen hiding in a small hut with Zart and Jack. Later, he is seen standing next to Mike and Peter waiting for Minho and Alby to come back from the maze. When Thomas spots Minho and Alby, this glader, along with the other Gladers start yelling at them to hurry up. He then witnesses Thomas run into the maze and looks in shock. The next day, he is seen at the council hall meeting sitting next to Unnamed Glader 2. When the Gladers hear The Box coming back up, this glader is seen running over to The Box with the other Gladers. He is then seen standing behind Minho and Winston. Later he is seen outside the council hall talking to Unnamed Glader 2. The next day, when the other doors open, this glader is seen investigating one with a few other Gladers. When they spot Grievers, they run away and tell everyone to run. The Grievers eventually kill this glader as he is not seen the next morning and he doesn't make it to the Safe Haven.