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This glader is a Builder who appears frequently in the Maze Runner film.


This glader can first be seen when Thomas wakes up from the Box. When Thomas runs, but trips, this Glader is seen laughing at him with the other Gladers. He is later seen working on hay with a pitchfork, but oddly enough, the next scene shows him inspecting apples with Unnamed Glader 2. He is later seen walking under a hammock behind Thomas and Chuck. Gally then shoves Thomas to the ground to stop him from going into the Maze. Thomas freaks out. causing this Glader to run over to them with the other Gladers. He is later seen partying with the other Gladers. When Newt starts introducing Thomas to the roles and jobs, he points over to where this Glader and a few other ones are standing, saying they are the Builders, revealing his job as a builder. When Gally challenges Thomas to fight, this Glader is seen standing next to Zart and Unnamed Glader 2. Gally then shoves Thomas into this Glader, Zart, and Peter, to which they all push him back towards Gally. He then watches the rest of the fight. The next day, Thomas yells for help when Ben is chasing him. This Glader, along with the other Gladers, runs over to help. When Ben is revealed to have been stung by a Griever, this Glader is seen staring at the sting wound in shock while Billy whispers something in his ear. Later, he takes part in Ben's banishment. He is seen standing next to Billy and Mike. After Ben's banishment, he is seen walking away with the other Gladers. The next day, in a deleted scene, he is seen waiting for lunch in line. It then rains, causing this Glader and the others to hide. Later, he is seen standing behind Thomas and next to Chuck and Carl, waiting anxiously for Minho and Alby to return. When Thomas spots Minho and Alby, this Glader, along with the other Gladers, starts yelling at them to hurry up. This glader starts to shake his head. He then witnesses Thomas run into the Maze. The next day, he is seen running over to the Box. Oddly, when Teresa gasps for air, he is seen to the left of Thomas standing next to Unnamed Glader 9, but when Teresa says Thomas' name right after, he is seen standing next to Mike, Carl, and Unnamed Glader 2 directly across from Thomas looking up at him. When Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Zart return from the Maze. Frankie points at them near the Council Hall, causing this Glader and a few others to look over and see them. When Teresa, who has woken up, starts throwing projectiles at some Gladers, this Glader is seen laughing at the event with Unnamed Glader 19. The next night, he is seen walking over to inspect the doors. When another door opens, this Glader is seen ducking away. When the third door opens, this Glader, along with Peter, John and some other unnamed gladers, goes to check it out. They eventually spot Grievers and warn the others while running away. This glader is eventually killed by a Griever as he is not seen the next morning.


  • When the Gladers are inspecting the doors, this glader is not initially seen running up to the doors. However, a few scenes later, he is seen standing behind them, to which after, he is seen running towards the other door with the other Gladers far away.