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I love Janson which isn't a joke! Janson's my favourite character. However, Newt is my second favourite! My favourite ship is definitely Newtmas! My favourite book and film is Death Cure even though my two best characters die in it. My favourite actor is DEFINATELY Aidan Gillen and I'd love to revive Janson! My favourite book scene is the one where Janson is fighting Thomas (Death cure, Page 317) or Janson's death. My favourite scene in the films is DEFINATELY Jorge's favourite song in the Scorch Trials or maybe from Janson stabbing Thomas (sedating him) until Janson's death! I pretty much love all scenes where Janson is on screen. I would definitely like an entire book dedicated to Janson's backstory so we can learn more about him! I already have my own story about what might have happened to him. Lol. I pretty much like EVERY scene with Janson in the films!

All of my favourite Janson film quotes:

  • I'm the reason you're all still alive. It's my intention to keep you that way.
  • You can call me Mr Janson. I run this place. What do you remember about WICKED? You're not in trouble. We're just having a conversation. I'm just trying to understand. Whose side are you on?
  • Hold it! What's happening here?! Thomas, i thought we could trust each other. You know we're all on the same team here.
  • The maze is one thing but you kids wouldn't last one day out in the Scorch. If the elements don't kill you, the Cranks will. Thomas, you have to believe me. I only want what's best for you. (...) You're not getting through that door, Thomas.
  • Shut the main bolt door! Shut the main bolt door!
  • Whole units! Push in! They're on the top floor! Top floor!
  • What a waste.
  • Ok. We can handle this. We just need to evacuate essential personnel and set up another safe zone further North. We've still got 28 immunes right inside this building. We can find more.
  • You're really telling me you're giving up? After everything.
  • Hey, Thomas, come on. It's me. I've known you longer than you can remember. You're not going to shoot her. (...) Ok. Come on them. Shoot her. Prove me wrong. Shoot... her.
  • Lock down the building! Send everyone up to twenty! And someone shut off those goddamn sirens!
  • Somebody get this door open
  • Oh, Thomas. You should've run.
  • You know what this place is, Thomas? It's a lifeboat. The whole world might be sinking but that doesn't mean that we have to go down with it.
  • Kill you? No we don't want to do that. We're going to take special care of you. Just, in return, you will give life to the rest of us. Ones we choose to save, anyway. Of course, there's not going to be enough for everyone. Hard choices are going to have to be made. In time, the Flare virus will burn itself out. The only question is, who will be the ones left standing? Thanks to you, to this, we finally get to choose. The future, in our own making. To your health.
  • Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me!
  • Cone on.
  • Ok, that's enough.
  • Maybe it's just in your nature to betray those closest to you.
  • Let's not make this anymore painful than it needs to be.
  • What is it with you two? You think he's so special. He was born with a gift. He never had to fight for it. He never earned it. He doesn't deserve it.
  • What about you, Thomas? What do you have to say? Don't you have enough blood on your hands already? You might not have been able to shoot her but i can. Ok. Fine. Have it your way.
  • Missed you little s***.
  • Oh, s***!