A blog of me trying to tell whos who in the glade.

John Langston

According to tvwish, Langston is the muscular brunette.

SanChavis Torns

has a twitter page, either the dude with the afro or dreadlocks.

Sawyer Pierce


Adrian Acosta

Also has a twitter page. Doesn't resemble any gladers that i can tell though.

Weston Rachal

Kind of looks like Jack but taller.

Sheldon Maurer

The boy with slicked back hair. Also in other films but i couldn't see him.

William Buckley

Appeared in Ausmodified and Yeah the Boyz. I couldn't find any footage of either.

Zach Nichols

Born Zachariah Lane Nichols on April 13, 1993.

Lane Westerhaus,Michael Deville,Dylan Gaspard,Chad Martinez,Lester Millet,Tyler Harrison

Frickin Enigmas, Mike Deville might not even exist.

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