In case you didn't know already, James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner has a great ritual where he has reoccurring live tweeting Q&A sessions called “Dashner Chats!” Great idea, right?? In a recent Dashner Chat, the author talked about the upcoming movie and more!

Here are the highlights:

  • Dashner gives his full endorsement to The Maze Runner film and "has been thrilled with the amount of input he’s been able to have."
  • Dashner also said that the film is exactly what audiences will want out of an adaptation and he’s sure they will be blown away (YAY!).
  • 20th Century Fox is planning on adapting each book in the series...but good box office numbers will help in completing trilogy on screen!
  • In terms of movie marketing, Dashner says that it’s likely the Grievers won’t be revealed until later in the marketing campaign BUT there might be something good (a trailer or clip, maybe) released around Comic Con time!
  • Finally, Dashner confirms that Dexter Darden has been cast in the role of Frypan!

There was some more fun stuff that came from the Dashner Chat, like how Minho should be pronounced, but above is all the juicy stuff about the movie! Now that James Dashner has thrown his support behind the movie adaption, how do you feel? Share in the comments below!

Source: Hypable

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