Only THREE more days until The Maze Runner premieres in the U.S. and WE CAN'T WAIT!! If you're in the same boat, do what we're doing! Browsing these new character posters, going starry-eyed at the New York red carpet photos, and re-watching all the clips that have been released so far!

First of all, we LOVE the posters and all the characters look pretty intense! Second of all, the red carpet, aahhh! We're not too sure what's going on with Dylan O'Brien's scruff, but the rest of the cast is looking pretty good! Patricia Clarkson's dress and Kaya Scodelario's entire outfit are lovely, but the appearance of Clarkson on the red carpet actually reminds us that she is supposed to appear in the movie even though she hasn't popped up in any of the clips released so far. Anyways, keep counting down the days until TMR, fans!

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