Lia A3

Aka Lia

  • I live in Inside bookss
  • I was born on July 28
  • My occupation is Future Writer
  • I am Female
  • Bio Bookssss! They’re my fav. I love falling into the pages and getting lost. And I also enjoy writing and volleyball.
    My fav book series... hmm... I can’t choose just one!! I love The Maze Runner, The Land of Stories, Half Upon A Time, and the one I’m currently reading.... *cue obsessive book giggling* The Keeper of the Lost Cities!!! I enjoy talking to meh fellow bookworms :P 😁
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  • Lia A3

    The Maze Runner Part 34

    March 14, 2019 by Lia A3

    You had to break down or else you would've gone crazy for keeping it all balled up inside you. Tears streaked your face. You had gone through klunk the past few days. With trying to outrun a Griever to showing up at a mysterious place covered with strangers. Then, being accused of something you didn't do. Then having barely made it out of the Griever attack and to top it all off you were all alone and lost in a gigantic maze.

    Eventually, you had to suck it up and continue on, or you'd be there all day, wallowing in self-pity. You wiped your cheek with your sleeve and stood up, trying to remember which way was back to the Glade. The Griever attack had you a bit disoriented. The sun was at high noon making it impossible to tell with direction…

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  • Lia A3

    The Maze Runner Part 33

    March 7, 2019 by Lia A3

    The Griever moves it's legs, trying to get it's balance. You stand about two dozen feet away from the squishy creature. Alby stands in fear, frozen. Staring at the monster. The Griever pulls one of its many arms back, readying its attack. You turn into a full on sprint pumping one leg in front of the other. You had to get there.

    The Griever's arm starts to come down, aiming for Alby. You jump, tackling Alby to the ground. The collision rings throughout your body. You hit the stone floor. An explosion of pain surges throughout your head. You throw your hand to the side of your head.

    You pull your hand away to see drops of crimson red liquid spread on your hand. Blood. You roll over and push yourself up. Blood drips on the stone floor. Alby la…

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  • Lia A3

    The Maze Runner Part 32

    March 7, 2019 by Lia A3

    You're the first one down the long, dull gray corridor. You turn right to a short corridor with moss green ivy vines dropping down the maze floor. The footsteps of Alby and Minho sound behind you.

    Remembering the directions from yesterday, you turn left. A few turns later, you can hear Alby panting. You stop, to give Alby a break.

    "Man, you got tired out quickly," you say. He's doubled over, hands on his knees. His chest heaving in and out with quick, shallow breaths. Perspiration dribbling down the side of his head.

    "There's a reason... I'm not a Runner," he says between breaths.

    "Because you're not athletic," Minho says walking in the direction of the dead Griever. "Times up. C'mon." Alby looks up from the ground and at you. His face covered…

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  • Lia A3

    The Maze Runner Part 31

    March 6, 2019 by Lia A3

    The list was getting bigger. The list of why you couldn't fall asleep. The list of thoughts that were keeping you awake. Before it was the thoughts of your dreams and what they could mean. Now, it's images of Ben, from his dead body in the forest to his Banishment.

    Every time you tried to sleep the images invaded your mind. It was impossible. Sleep had never seemed so far away. So, instead you laid there with your eyes wide open, trying to decipher the mysterious dreams.

    Who was trying to take me? Or was I already taken and the people were trying to save me? Was that my home? Too many questions, not enough answers. You really wanted to fall asleep and see if another dream would come and explain everything.

    A half an hour before the doors open…

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  • Lia A3

    The Maze Runner Part 30

    March 4, 2019 by Lia A3

    You jolt up into a sitting position. The dream, the memory, whatever it was had woken you.

    What did it mean? The entire memory-dream was confusing. You couldn't grab any solid information. Most of what was happening was unseen. Any real clue of your childhood was still lost.

    The dream from the day before was becoming more distant. It was fading. You had to recap yourself or you'd forget. Even if the memory was small and short, it still meant something. It was a memory! A small piece to the past you'd lost.

    You decided to get some fresh air and clear your mind. You walk down the creaky floorboards of the hall. Stepping outside, you lean against the side wall of the Homestead.

    You look up to the sky, a dark sapphire blue, lit up by the white dots…

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