You're in group B. You're a runner. You go into the maze each day to find a way out. You've been looking for two years, but nothing seems to change. One day, you go into the maze. And you run like every other day. Everything the same until... You turn a corner to see a Griever sitting, waiting for it's prey. Waiting for you. You check your watch. 6:30. The sun is going to set soon. You have to get back. And on que you notice the sky is already starting to become a pale orange. The Griever sits there, blocking your way back. You take out your switchblade and keep it tight in your hands. So tight your knuckles turn white. You take note of your surroundings. Across the way is a long corridor. And if you remember correctly it loops back to the Glade. Maybe, just maybe, it'll work.

You run. Faster than you've ever ran before because this time your life depends on it. The clicking and clacking of the Grievers machinery signals to that it's following. The clicking gets louder, it's getting closer. You turn the corner. Then, another one. Taking a wrong turn sometimes, but you keep running anyways. This goes on for a few more minutes, but it seems like hours. Dreading each second after the next.

Then, out of nowhere you see the doors ahead. The Glade has never looked so safe before. The Griever grabs your ankle. You fall to the floor. You swing your blade at it, missing. Out of your peripheral vision you see a needle, you duck. It misses you, barely. You stab the Griever in it's soft skin. Yellow goo starts to gush out of the wound. It draws back. A loud metallic sound rings in the air. You get up, quickly, and run to the door. The doors have already started closing. The wind slamming against your ears- as you run- makes it hard to hear the cry's of the Griever. You're almost there. And at the last second you step through.

Immediately you know it's not your Glade. There are no girls. Your head swings back and forth, looking around, only to see boys. The Doors shut. The sound recaches in your ears, reminding you that you're trapped for the night.

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