A crowd has formed around the box, making it impossible to see anything. Alby pushes through the boys, Newt and you follow. Alby stands next to the wheel ready to turn it. Silence pulses throughout the Glade. Minutes pass before the loud crash of the box signals, that it's time to see what secrets lay in the box. Boys exchange looks, some of fear, some of surprise, and some of complete confusion.

Alby cranks the wheel. The sound of scraping metal fill your ears. The doors of the box open with each crank of the metal wheel. Eventually, the doors are completely open, revealing what's inside. Staring into the box, lay's a body. An unconscious body. A girls body. Could she be dead? Why would they send us a dead body? There has to be more to it.

Newt leans over to get a better look into the box. A few seconds later, he pushes himself back into an upright position.

"Holy..." Newt says, in surprise.

"No way," Alby says, shaking his head, looking anywhere else than at the box. Questions fill the air. Boys start to push forward, trying to get a good look at what's in the box.

"Hold on!" Alby yells, silencing everyone. "Just hold on!"

"What's in the box?" someone yells.

"Two newbies in two days. Now this." Alby looks at Thomas. "What's going on, Greenie?"

"How am I supposed to know?" Thomas says.

"Alby, just tell us what the shuck is down there," Gally yells.

"Tell 'em, Newt." Newt looks into the box and back at the crowd.

"It's a girl," he says. The Glade fills with voices.

"A girl?"

"I got dibs!"

"What she look like?"

"How old is she?"

"Shut up!" you yell. The boys questions descend in nothingness.

"That's not bloody half of it," he says, pointing into the dark box. "I think she's dead."

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