Newt had read the message aloud to anyone who didn't see it. After he did, a silence settled among the Gladers. You expected questions, arguments. But no one spoke. They all stood dumbfounded at the note.

The words echoed in your mind. She's the last one. EVER. Your mind was riddled with questions that couldn't be answered. Thoughts that couldn't be sorted. Memories that couldn't be grasped. It was all so aggravating.

Newt crumbles the letter in his fist. His veins popping out as he did so. Anger washing over Newt. Alby cups his hands around his mouth. "Med-jacks! Two boys push through the crowd.

"So what do we do with her?" one of the boys said.

"How should I know?" Alby said. " You two shanks are the Med-jacks, figure it out." The other boy was already on the ground feeling for a pulse and listening to her heartbeat.

"If anyone touches this girl," Alby said, "you'll be banished, no questions. Ain't no one touch her!"

One of the boys stands up. "She seems fine. Breathing okay, normal heartbeat. Though it's a bit slow. I'd say she's in a coma. Jeff, let's take her to the Homestead." Jeff takes hold of her hands as the other boy grabs her feet.

"We can feed her soup till she wakes up," says one of the Med-jacks.

"Just watch her closely. There must be something special about her or they wouldn't of sent her," Newt says.

Alby walks over to Thomas and grabs him by the shoulder, dragging him alongside. "You too," he says pointing to you. Alby starts to walk with Newt and Thomas behind him, you follow.

"What did I do?" you ask. Alby stays silent. You all stop a few meters in front of the West door, away from the crowd.

"You two are tied into this, somehow," Alby says.

"How?" you ask.

"On the same day before this girl shows up saying everything's going to change, you both arrive," Alby says. "Like it was planned."

"Alby's right something doesn't add up," Newt says.

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