You sprint to Newt, who's already started jogging toward the forest. You slow down a bit when you catch up to him.

"What's happening?" you ask.

"We heard a scream coming from the forest. Alby grabbed his bow and ran in." Newt and you jog into the forest, the cool shade covers you. A few feet in, the forest becomes a dark mist around you. The warmth of the sun disappears and the coolness of the shade sets in.

"Alby!" Newt calls out. "Thomas!" Newts voice echoes into the darkness. No response. Newt and you jog around the forest calling out their names until a reply comes back.

"Over here!" a voice yells out. Alby's voice. Two silhouettes stand in the far, inky darkness. One holding a weapon, the other kneeling. As you and Newt draw closer you see a shadowy heap lay on the ground. Every few feet closer to the heap, reveals a new detail. Eventually, you get the whole picture.

A boy's body lay on the ground, an arrow drilled into the side of his head. Thick green veins slide down the sides of his arms. Bruises cover parts of his face, making it hard to tell some of his features.

"Get the Baggers," Alby says, turning to walk away, but before he does you notice a glint of tears in his eyes. You look down at Thomas, who is kneeling next to the lifeless boy, looking at him. Newt rubs the back of his neck as his eyes shine with tears, that are yet to come.

The dark world around you matches the feeling that lie in the forest. Greif.

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