"What job?" you ask.

"I need you to run the maze with Minho," Alby says looking towards the doors. "You're gonna grab a few maps, that you sketched yesterday, and trace them. See if there's any way to get to your Glade."

"Ok." You nod. Alby calls for Minho to take you to the Map Room. Once you step in, you realize that the coppery smell of the room doesn't bother you anymore. Minho opens the trunk that sits by the table. Throwing the lid to the side, he grabs the first few on top. He hands them to you and puts the lid back on the trunk. Two clicks signal that the lid is secure.

Stepping outside, you inhale the many smells of the Glade. From, fresh dirt to Fry's bacon. You follow Minho to the Homestead, to grab some food before the day's work starts. As you head to the Kitchen, your creaky footsteps echo behind you.

"Ay," Fry's says. "I got your grub." He slides two plates towards us. Each contain bacon and eggs. At that moment, your stomach growls. As if begging for the food.

"Eat up. You're gonna need it," Fry says. You take the plate and head outside, sitting on the nearest log, which is only a few feet away from the Homestead. Minho sits by you.

"So, today, we're gonna run the West side," Minho says, as you pop a piece of bacon into your mouth. "We're gonna follow the maps as far as we can. At the same time we'll be making the map for the day. Got it, shank?"

"Yeah," you says through a bite of bacon. "You know, I've done this before."

"Yeah, but today's not your average day," he says.

"True," you respond. The rest of breakfast is used for discussing the plan for the day. After that, Minho and you pick up the lunch sacks Fry made for you.

"Thanks," you say as you pick up the brown sack and sling it over your shoulders. Right then, the sound of stone grinding against stone echoes through the air.

"Guess, that's our signal," you say glancing at Minho, then at the door. You both walk out of the Homestead and towards the West door. You stop when you stand a few meters away from the opening.

"Ready?" Minho asks.

"Yeah." He sprints into the maze and you follow him in.

The day has begun.

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