You were staring directly at a Griever. But the Griever didn't chase you. It laid on the floor, lifelessly. It's squishy body sitting, unmoving. Minho walks up to it, staring down at the metallic monster.

"I think it's dead," he says in awe. "Have you ever seen a dead Griever?"

"No, never," you respond. "Have you?" You slowly walk towards Minho, not taking your eyes off of the dead Griever. You stop beside Minho, only a few feet away from the Griever's stiff body.

"No. Should we check if it's dead?"

"I ain't touching that thing," you say. "How about, we head back to the Glade and tell Alby."

"Yeah, that's probably the best shucking thing we can do right now," Minho agrees. He turns and starts walking from the way you came. You stare at the limp creature, giving it one last glance. Then, turn and jog to Minho to catch up.

Once, side by side, Minho turns into a sprint. His legs moving at a rapid rate, he starts down the long corridor. You start to speed up, throwing one leg in front of the other. Your heart rate picks up and heat starts to rise to your cheeks. Minho reaches the end of the long corridor and turns right.

You can feel your face turning red, from the sudden burst of energy. You can feel the heat, once again, rising in your chest. You turn right and sprint the small corridor placed in front of you. At the end of the corridor a movement of blue creeps into the corner of your eye. You jump at the sudden movement.

"Boo," Minho says.

"Don't shucking scare... me like that," you say. The word almost feels normal. You realize, the Glader's words are attacking your vocabulary.

"You sound incredibly... stupid when you use Glader slang," he says in between breaths.

"So do you," you retort. "Anyways, I bet I can beat ya back to the Glade."

"In your dreams, princess." You start to sprint down the short corridor, then taking a left. Minho starts to follow behind you.

Your footsteps echoing, with each step you take.

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